April 3 - The Godfather ;)

This little kid of mine has a mind of his own.  A temper.  A vision of what he wants. I love him with my whole heart.  8 months yesterday...going on 7 years of age.  That is my youngest...that is Declan Jack :)

April 7

There is a possibility that this beautiful little pup is going to be ours...we should know in the next few days.  So excited about the possibilities that he may provide for Ciaran and Shay.  One of my best and wisest friends always says that 'you can not deny the connection between a child and an animal; - I am a firm believer!

April 6

I ran today...4 miles for Giovanni...he is such a sweet boy.  Details to come...

....and then there are my own boys....Declan wants to be all grown up...I am trying to coddle the baby days...my time is coming to an end :(

April 4

We have had the sickest winter to date.  Perhaps because it has been a never-ending one. Two boys down today...this is starting to wear on me :(

April 2

Ciaran's printing is getting better by the week.  I love that he is making such significant progress in a goal that he created for himself at the beginning of the school year.  Where there is a will...there is a way :)  Don't forget this people :)

April 1 Abby Runs 4 Me :)

Received a package in the mail today from Shay's runner Abby.  Shay was so excited to have mail. In it was a beautiful 'Abby runs 4 me' t-shirt.  Ciaran and Shay have matching ones now.  

Abby is a scientist - also in the package was a number of items reflecting who she is as a person.  I love that both boys are developing a virtual relationship with such special people.  Both of their runners are truly incredible!!!  You've heard it all before...we continue to be blessed with the incredible people we have met on this journey :)

March 31

This is what I walked in on this AM....MELT MY HEART!!!

March 30

Today I was matched as a runner for Giovanni with I Run4... more to come on my new buddy.  Inspired already and we are on day one...

March 29

Shay's homework tonight...no words necessary...

March 28

Teething SUCKS.  This little man has had six teeth come in - in the last week.  He refuses to sleep, is exhausted beyond words and his eyes are burning out of his head...help...please!!!

March 27

For those of you who know me well - I rarely post pics of myself and me wearing no make-up is a norm most days I wasn't going to contribute to this campaign BUT on Thursday Cris Parreira saw his oncologist and was discharged - 5 years cancer free - AWESOME.  There was a recent fundraising cancer awareness campaign - you  post a make up free selfie to 45678 and $5.00 is donated to cancer research.  This one is for you Cris :)

March 26

JOY....PURE JOY...never underestimate the powerful role an animal can play in the life of a child.  NEVER.

March 25

Today was soooo special!  Incredibly special! I was so inspired by the Notre Dame community today. They held a high school student initiated fundraiser today to raise awareness for CP and to recognize the powerful role of animals in therapy plans for kids like Ciaran and Shay. So proud of what I witnessed today!!!  The amazing students at Notre Dame Secondary in Burlington raised over $3000 for Cerebral Palsy charities. 

Intent of fundraiser was to raise awareness and funds for two non-profit organizations ADS and TEAD where the boys horseback ride -two associations that provide animal therapy to children with special needs.

My favourite part of the day was when  the coop student from ND who fell in love w them last year at her placement started balling in front of all the gr 11 and 12 students - when she told them that she just needed them All to know that C and S were just like any if them!!!  POWERFUL!!!

Our world is changing people...awareness is spreading slowly but surely...refreshing...and timely!!!!

March 24

Hairdresser comes to house every seven weeks...cuts all of the boys' hair in the house...pizza and pop in da house...BEST IDEA EVER!!!

March 23

Cris made a special breakfast today for the boys.  Bev had bought them a book called "Toads on Toads" - today they made a toad in the hole egg sandwich.  Boys were excited to make this special treat...they were not however too keen on the taste :)  You win some...and you lose some...

March 22

I've asked before...and I will ask again...be kind to me time...you are moving too quickly for my liking!

March 21

This round of Botox has been much better than the last.  Shay seems a lot stronger and a lot more steady on his feet thank goodness.  We are working hard at stretching him nightly as a means to maintain muscle length...Shay is starting to understand the importance of stretching and welcomes the opportunity to have his legs stretched. 

March 20

Ciaran and Shay had swimming lessons tonight after school.  When we got there and started unpacking the van, I realized that I forgot the swimming bag at home with everything we needed...so frustrating!!!!  We decided to make something positive of our situation and stopped off at the library on the way home.  We got some books and a few movies and had a movie night at home...when life hands you lemons...sometimes you have to force yourself to make lemonade :)

March 19

Rowan is registered in swimming again two days a week.  It is hard to get there for 9:30 but once we get there - I am so glad we did.  He is becoming more and more confident by the class and he is doing an awesome job listening to his teacher.  After his lessons, there is a reading drop-in program at the library in the same rec program - it's perfect - keeps us busy in the morning, tires Rowan out, and naps are usually a guarantee...love nap days :)

March 18

This is Male #1 from Swissridge Kennels.  They have very generously offered to donate a puupy to our family who will be trained as a service/therapy dog to assist with social/emotional goals, physical goals and medical goals.  There were six puppies born in this litter - only one male - and our dog trainer wants a male for the boys because they are bigger and more confident.  It will all depend on temperament training whether or not this little guy finds a place in our home...we will find out only days before we would have to pick him up on April 12th - if he is not the right fit for our family....we will anxiously await the next litter :)  So excited for the boys!

March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day from our house to yours :)  

May love and laughter lighten your days,
May good and faithful friends by yours wherever you may roam,
May peace and plenty bless your world with joy that long endure
May all life's passing seasons bring the best to you and yours

March 16 - Mommy Brag Alert

I am so incredibly proud of Shay's progress in printing.  He has come such a long way.  His determination and grit has gotten him here.  Look at the difference in his printing between September and March - size, spacing and overall neatness is just AWESOME.  Hard work and perseverance pays off people...pays off big time :)  Thanks for the reminder Shay...I needed it!!