March 15

Rowan is starting to fall for his baby brother!  Now that he sees him upright, moving and interacting with his world - Rowan realizes he has a friend in Declan, a brother who he can love, play with and boss around...,to be honest, I think Rowan has another thing coming as Declan will not put up with his shenanigans!!! 

March 14

Movement amazes me.  Completely and utterly amazes me.  What was so, so difficult for Ciaran and Shay comes do naturally to Declan.  He is moving and quickly.  I watch him become so incredibly frustrated she he can't do something that his mind thinks he should be able to do...can only imagine how hard this must be for Ciaran and Shay!

March 13

This is how we spent our afternoon...any guesses as to why?

Exciting things to come...

March 12

A pic of me and my 'Best Buddy' !  I adore this kid.  Ciaran is real, emotional, hilarious, has a sick sense of humour and is a survivor...what is there not to love?  

March 11

Today was a FANTASTIC day!!!  Day 2 of the March Break - Rowan was in daycare today, so it was Ciaran and Shay's day of FUN!  We started out at the local Fire Hall for a tour.  There were four firemen working - Keith, J.P. Patrick and

They were absolutely amazing with the boys.  So caring, loving and genuine.  Really made an optimal learning opportunity for the boys.  As you can see from the pics, Ciaran and Shay were so proud to be there.  Ciaran was soooo engaged the whole time which was so nice to see! 

After our tour, we took the boys out to Turtle Jack's for lunch.  We had such an amazing day - every single one of days that we get to witness pure joy!!!

March 10

First day of March Break today - Ciaran and Shay are at Camp-Can-Do and Rowan and Declan enjoyed a play date at the local gym with the O'Reilly clan.  As always, lots of fun for all!

March 9

I just adore Declan.  He has his own unique personality that has found a place in the family dynamics.  He is determined, relentless, and very 7 months old, he knows exactly what he wants and he will not let up until he gets it - very good qualities for the future, but very tiring for his mama!!!

Today I dropped by my parents to pick something up.  Of course, I was unprepared...Declan had a diaper blowout and I did not have a change of clothes....hence the red size 3 outfit above with his nana's socks...I am sure he will thank me for this later :)

March 8

My baby boy is 3 today...well... he is not literally my baby anymore...but he will always be my baby boy at heart.  All of my boys will...

This time three years ago - I was putting the most anxiety-ridden 10 months of my life. behind me.  Rowan's arrival reinforced that overcoming (fighting) fear can bring immense reward.

Happy Birthday to my charismatic, magical, compassionate and spirited little man. You make us laugh out loud every single day - thank you for being YOU! I love you beyond words...

March 7

How lucky are we...that two of my favourite friends have two daughters that LOVE our boys and are amazing with them?  Ciaran, Shay, Rowan and Declan absolutely adore Ericka and Riley.  We were lucky that they offered to come and spend their first day of March Break babysitting.  It was great for me as I was able to run around and do last minute pick-ups for Rowan's birthday party with his buddies tomorrow.  So wished that they lived closer...Riley is in Georgetown and Ericka is in day...hopefully soon...they will be able to drive themselves here:)

March 6

Shay had another round of Botox today.  He continues to impress me with his bravery.  The day before Botox- he wrote a reminder and had me put it on the fridge - how sweet is he.

Botox continues to be effective in maintaining Shays's muscle length.  Unfortunately however, there is ongoing concerns around Shay's walking, hips and bone alignment. At this point in time, Dr. Kim sees 30 degrees of excessive internal rotation.  The most concerning is that Shay's bones are starting to twist.  Dr. Kim believes that believes that surgery is a high likelihood in the future.  She has requested that we have Shay's hips x-rayed and we will be seeing Dr. Narayanan the Orthopedic surgeon.  Bone rotation surgery is a major surgery and it is Dr. Kim's hope that we can prolong the need for it as long as possible - as it is most optimally done when his bones are done growing.

In the meantime, it is important that we work diligently on stretching and strengthening especially after Botox.  Dr. Kim injected the adductors and hamstrings.  This should help reduce pull on the bones for a while. 

We are going to have Shay wearing Theratogs over the March break - and see if he can toilet successfully with them.

Dr. Kim knows that we are doing everything we can for Shay and she is happy with everyone's efforts.  We knew problems with hips/bone rotation comes with the world of CP - we just want to avoid at all costs.  

March 5

Pancakes for dinner...YES please :)

March 4 - Brotherly LOVE...

...growing stronger every single day...

March 3

This is how my son comes home from school each day - full of JOY - a Mom could not ask for more!!!!

The boys have amazing staff working with them day in and day out who love them and push them everyday to be the best they can be.  Again - couldn't ask for more!

March 2

The I Run 4 program continues to inspire!  Alison and Abby are developing really special relationships with Ciaran and Shay - the boys love to cheer them on and learn more about their runners.  Both ladies ran this weekend for the boys - the boys expressed their thanks :)

March 1

Shay pushes INDEPENDENCE every chance he gets.  This is a gift.  I hope that he will always have the fire within him that pushes him to want to do things independently, his way - all the way :)

February 28

Dinner with two of my favourite people tonight - Marie and Tina.  So thankful to have such amazing friends who truly get me!

Here's a pic of Marie getting some love from Declan :)