February 27

What an inspiring and uplifting commercial.  Heartwarming to know that the Paraolympians have NOT been overlooked!  Click here to be inspired...

February 26

Went in to Lululemon today.  Rowan really wanted me to buy this headband for him.  When we got home, Rowan of course did not want to go down for a nap.  Something that is becoming more and more common.  He already doesn't sleep well at night so afternoon naps are so important for him.  I ended up closing the door to his room while he tantrumed for 15mins plus - when it got quiet, I decided to go and check on him - this is how I found him....nope, he wasn't tired at all :)

February 25

Brotherly LOVE...life doesn't get much better than this :)

February 24

First run outside today.  I had gone out with friends last night and left my car at the pub.  Instead of paying for a cab today, decided that running to get my car would serve a dual purpose.  Ran 4 miles - felt good to be outside with the sun shining.  That being said, it is so freakin icy....  dangerous icy - made me realize how lucky we are to have a treadmill...

February 23

Rowan has become quite attached to his scooter recently.  He scoots everywhere around the house.  I honestly believe that he perceives his scooter to be his primary mode of transportation - like Shay's walker would be for him.  He seriously cracks me up :)

February 22

Since September, Ciaran and Shay have been taking HipHop class every Saturday at the Dance Elite studio in Milton. The class is for boys with special needs.  To witness the progress in each and every one of the boys since starting in September is truly incredible. 

Here is a recent blog post that Mallory wrote that really touched my heart.  Click here for a good read :)

February 21

Our IRun4 buddies are just amazing!!!  The relationships that the boys have created with Alison and Abby online has been so incredible.  The girls are so caring, thoughtful and dedicated.  The boys just feel so important everything they get a message or a pic from their running buddies.
Alison set a HUGE goal - to complete a virtual run from her hometown in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida to Burlington, Ontario.  A mere 1,165 miles....she virtually stops at some cool tourist attractions along the way and shares facts/information/pictures.  It's an amazing lesson in Geography - for those who know me, definitely not one of my strong suits so I am benefiting too :)
Check out Alison's blog here

February 20

Proud to say I have been a bit of a homemaker lately....well, perhaps the wrong word....a baker might be more appropriate! Today's creation - delicious Banana Bomb muffins.  Of course, Ciaran and Shay would prefer to have processed food rather than good ol' home baked muffins in their lunches...I must admit that remember being like them when I was growing up.  I now realize the efforts my mom put forth to ensure we had healthy lunches every day - I so did not appreciate it at the time.  Thanks Mom :)

February 19

We saw Dr. Kim (Shay's Botox doctor) today.   She is very concerned about Shay's walking, hips and bone alignment. At this point in time, Dr. Kim sees 30 degrees of excessive internal rotation.  The most concerning is that Shay's bones are starting to twist.  Dr. Kim believes that that surgery is a high likelihood in the future.  She has requested that we have Shay's hips x-rayed again and we will be seeing Dr. Narayanan the Orthopedic surgeon.  Bone rotation surgery is a MAJOR surgery and it is Dr. Kim's hope that we can prolong the need for it as long as possible - as it is most optimally done when his bones are done growing.

In the meantime, it is important that we work diligently on stretching and strengthening especially after Botox which takes place March 5th.  Dr. Kim will be injecting the adductors and hamstrings.  This should help reduce pull on the bones for a while.

Dr. Kim knows that we are doing everything we can for Shay and she is happy with everyone's efforts.  We knew problems with hips/bone rotation comes with the world of CP - we just want to avoid at all costs. 

Erinoak has new computers/Ipads set up in their waiting room.  Here is a pic of Shay playing after his appointment today :)

February 17

We had a very impromptu visit at my parents today.  They just got home after being away for a month in South America.  They called to see if we wanted to go over for dinner - ended up everyone was anxious to see my parents and the whole family showed up.  A great way to spend family day.  So glad to have my parents home!!!  It won't be long until they are off again...always just feels nice when they are on home soil :)

February 16

Aren't these puppies absolutely beautiful???

February 15

Ciaran saw Dr. Budning (eye surgeon) yesterday.  His appointment went really well.  He said that he sees a huge improvement in Ciaran's vision.  He's definitely more aware of his right eye and using it.  There is still a preference for his left (approximately 20% more on left).  His eyes are approximately 90% straight.  We will not patch at this point but may need to in the future.  Will go back to see him in 3 months.  Overall. Dr. Budning is very happy with the results.  Hopeful...

February 14

Spent Valentine's day at Mark and Marcy's wedding.  It was a very beautiful and cozy venue.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  It was nice for Cris and I to get out and hang out with some good friends.  A good night was had by all!

February 13

Valentine's Day tomorrow.  The boys worked hard at writing their Valentine's for all of their friends.  Can't believe what a difference a year makes - I remember last year we spent HOURS doing Valentines....this year they were all done in less than an hour :)

February 12

Ciaran is starting to print and he is SO proud of himself.  At the beginning of the year when I asked Ciaran what his goals were for this coming school year...he immediately told me that he wanted to learn to print.  I was actually surprised that he was able to articulate this goal and be so confident in his vision. 
For a child whom others often question his awareness...I was so impressed.  Ciaran like many kids with special needs are so smart and have so much potential and knowledge inside their heads.  Their brains are just a little bit more complicated and it takes more time to process this information and articulate it.  Never, ever underestimate any childs' potential - a lesson that every single one of us needs to be reminded of often!!!
The world is your oyster my little man...and the possibilities are limitless!

February 11

This has been a LONG, LONG winter.  I am tired of being cooped up in the house day in and day out.  Running has kept me sane.  Thank goodness for my treadmill...hopefully, spring is just around the corner....wishful thinking...perhaps...but I always have been a little bit of a dreamer :)

February 18

So I officially have 8 weeks before my 10k run!  I recruited Ciaran and Shay to assist with coaching responsibilities.  Coach Ciaran (who is obsessed with calendars/dates) is responsible for checking my training schedule each morning and letting me know how much I  need to run each day. Coach Shay is responsible with ensuring I fulfilled my running duties at the end of the day - if I have, he highlites that day/mileage on my training schedule.

They like being involved and they make me more accountable which is always good for a master procrastinator like me :)

February 10

Nighty night Rowan and Elmo….

February 9

Tried a new program today with the boys at a gym.  It is a gym program that will focus on personal training for core strength.  I think it will be great for Shay at this point.  Here is Shay, Hayden and Coach Paul.  Paul sent this picture to Lori a few hours after the session - I thought it was sweet of him.  Love to witness the kindness of strangers…completely heartwarming!

February 8 -

The boys love to help their Daddy and Granda around the house.  Today they each took turns hammering some nails.  Really endearing to see how interested they are.

So I am taking a course at the moment, training for a 10K and looking after the boys.  Clearly, I am having a bit of a hard time committing to Mission 365.  I am going to keep entries short - what I really want are pictures chronicling the life of my boys…so here is my attempt to catch up a little.  I have an assignment due in 2 hours - clearly this is the way I procrastinate :(

February 7

Shay is so good to Declan.  When Declan is crying or upset, Shay will sing to him or try to make him laugh.  Love that he is taking an interest in his little brother.

February 6 - Day 37

Swimming today which the boys LOVE!!!  Then came home and Ciaran worked on printing his spelling words.  He has made HUGE gains with his printing in the last few months.  I LOVE how proud of himself he is.  Moral of the story - where there is a will...there is a way :)

At last report card, Ciaran had to come up with a goal for school.  Completely on his own, he said he wanted to learn to write. Bless his little heart :)

Day 36 - February 5

This is how we roll sometimes :)  Good day today - went to see Dr. Azzie who is one of the nicest, kindest down to earth doctors.  He did Shay's hernia surgery a few years ago.  Today we were following up to ensure that there was no further surgery necessary.  Thankfully, Dr. Azzie was happy with how things looked and it looks like more surgery is not necessary - thank goodness.  A good day all around.  

Day 35

Ciaran got a package from his running buddy Alison today.  He was SOOOOOO excited.  There could have been absolutely nothing in the box and he wouldn't have minded.  He just loved the fact that he got a package.  The package was full of thoughtful little things for Ciaran.  A lovely letter, a T-Shirt that says 'Alison Runs 4 Me', another Tshirt, a map which helped give us a visual of where she runs and some stickers.  We are SO blessed with the runners that the boys have been matched up with.  They are absolutely incredible!  Dedicated, thoughtful, loving, giving of their time.  The IRun4 program is inspirational…truly it is!

Day 34

Ran 4 miles today - 18 miles in for the week.  Creating short term weekly goals is really helping me stay on track.  Thank God for my treadmill as there is ZERO chance that I would have the courage to face the cold at this point in time to go out for a run - 

Yes - this looks absolutely beautiful - quiet, serene, peaceful - whatever, not going to change my mind - definitely not a fan of this winter!

Day 33

Powerful message.  Important message.  A message that I am finally honouring.  Running again….and I am loving it.  Very slow and steady…but I am good with that!  Power to the She.

Day 32

I went away for the night with Cassandra and Jodi.  All three of us have babies at home and it was our first day/night away.  It was amazing!!!  We went for a massage and a pedicure at Elmwood Spa, went back to our hotel for a glass of wine and then went to Ruth Chris for Winterlicious dinner - it was to die for!

We had grandiose plans to go out and have some drinks - live it up a little.  But of course, we ate too much and by 11:30 we were exhausted.  We went back to the hotel, slept through the night and then went out for greasy spoon in the morning.  We had so much fun that we never thought to take a pic of us out on the town…perhaps next time….whenever that will be :)

Day 31 - PD Fun :)

Friday was a PD Day.  Cassandra invited the whole fan jam over to her house for a pajama day and for some good ol' PD Day fun!  We had such an amazing time!  We don't get out like that all that often.  Ciaran and Shay don't get invited to many playdates at this point in time.  It was nice for them to have a typical day with their friends.

I loved the opportunity to sit back and relax.  It is funny how much less demanding they are when they have friends to hang out with!  Love the 3rd picture of Shay and Brynn - they have always had a special little connection.  They are just so comfortable with each other.  I love it!!!

Today made me happy.  The boys were happy.  The girls were happy.  I enjoyed the normalcy :) Thankful for Jodi and Cassandra - have walked with me on this journey since Day One - such good friends!!!!

Day 30

The boys are FINALLY back in swimming lessons.  We took the summer off and have had the hardest time getting them back into lessons.  They are swimming Thursdays at 4:00pm - they both definitely were happy to be back in the water today - as was I!!!

Day 29

Determined to not be left behind - this little man is getting ready to scoot around the house :)

Day 28 - PT

Today the boys had PT.  Shay is working with Keiri at the moment as Michelle is off on maternity leave.  We continue to work really hard at strengthening Shay's core and hip muscles.  His legs appear to be turning in more and more these days which is very concerning.  Fingers crossed that in the next round of Botox, he will present a little bit more like he usually does! The last thing I want to think of is Shay needing major hip surgery.  Know it will likely be inevitable down the road - but something I refuse to think about at this point in time!

Day 27

Yesterday I spoke of Shay...today I speak of Rowan.  He too pushes Cris and I to our limit on a daily basis.  He is so smart, so affectionate, and soooo determined.  He is 2 going on 13 - he walks around the house like he owns it.  He knows exactly where everything in the house is and belongs - he is always my go-to person when I am looking for something.

Rowan has an obsession with having things in his hands.  At anytime of the day, his hands will be full with little odds and ends.  He seriously cracks me up.  He makes Cris and I laugh out loud on a daily basis.  I don't where he comes up with some things but he seriously is hilarious!  And he seriously is magical :)