April 19 - Good Friday

Dear Helen and Geoff, 

Sorry this is so LONG overdue!!!!  It has been a very busy time here in Burlington!  My mom got a new job for this coming September at the local high school - with the condition that she get her Intermediate/Senior qualifications.  Over the last four months, she has had to take 2 courses - it has nearly killed her but she knows it is best for our family in the end.  Two more weeks and it will all be behind us!!!!

 We received your letter.  We decided to open it when Bev came over on Good Friday.  It's always nice to have Bev here to share the excitement and have her explain some of the background behind the pictures/articles you send :)

As you can see in the pics, the boys were mesmerized.  They love learning all about Australia.  It is such an amazing connection for them.

 Here is Bev and Rowan practicing the "Penguin dance" - I think Bev has done this dance before :)

Hope you are both doing well.  It was a very LONG winter here as I am sure Bev has shared!!!  It's only been the last couple of days that Spring seems to have arrived.  Hoping for a nice hot summer!
As always, thanks for thinking of us.  You are so thoughtful!!!!

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