February 19

We saw Dr. Kim (Shay's Botox doctor) today.   She is very concerned about Shay's walking, hips and bone alignment. At this point in time, Dr. Kim sees 30 degrees of excessive internal rotation.  The most concerning is that Shay's bones are starting to twist.  Dr. Kim believes that that surgery is a high likelihood in the future.  She has requested that we have Shay's hips x-rayed again and we will be seeing Dr. Narayanan the Orthopedic surgeon.  Bone rotation surgery is a MAJOR surgery and it is Dr. Kim's hope that we can prolong the need for it as long as possible - as it is most optimally done when his bones are done growing.

In the meantime, it is important that we work diligently on stretching and strengthening especially after Botox which takes place March 5th.  Dr. Kim will be injecting the adductors and hamstrings.  This should help reduce pull on the bones for a while.

Dr. Kim knows that we are doing everything we can for Shay and she is happy with everyone's efforts.  We knew problems with hips/bone rotation comes with the world of CP - we just want to avoid at all costs. 

Erinoak has new computers/Ipads set up in their waiting room.  Here is a pic of Shay playing after his appointment today :)

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