New Years Day - Day 1

Today was really special.  We rang in the New Year with two very special friends.  The two people that were ultimately responsible for making Ciaran and Shay's first meeting happen after birth (close to a month after they were born).  So nice to continually be reminded of the absolutely phenomenal people and friends we have met on our journey…Bev and Maureen Reilly being two of them...

A few pics of the day :)  As you can see, the boys were totally spoiled as they usually are.  Bev loves to get the boys' books and she always finds the BEST ones!  Bev's parents also sent very special books and koala pasta all the way from Australia - the boys were thrilled!

Happy New Year!  Wishing everyone JOY, PEACE, CALM and GOOD HEALTH for 2014!

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