January 21

My life has just gotten one heck of a lot easier!!  Getting good haircuts for the boys has always been a struggle.  Every time I try someone local, I am just not happy with the cut.  So, for the last three years, I have been trekking the boys down to Streetsville to get their haircut from a former students Mom who we were always guaranteed to walk away happy.  Despite good haircuts, I must admit that the trek was difficult, as it was a LONG way to go just for a haircut and the salon was not completely accessible.  Also, we were never guaranteed a good parking spot since the salon was on Main Street - which would put a whole other wrench into our plans.

Well - my old hairdresser just recently moved back to Ontario after a few years out west and he is making house calls.  So, he will come to our home and cut all of our hair for a very reasonable price right in the comforts of our own home.  And the best thing about it…is that I am really happy with the final outcomes.  

Now I will have NO excuse for my kids hair to be as LONG as it was in their before pics - especially Rowans!

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