January 17

One of my New Year's resolutions is to get moving and get healthy in 2014. I'm finally learning that I need to put myself on my to-do-list.  It is clear that when I exercise and am eating healthier, I have  so much more energy for my boys.

So...lately I have been taking the kids down to the basement during the day and taking a 1/2 hour to get a run in.  The boys love playing in the basement and by going in the afternoon I make sure that the run actually happens.  If I leave it until Cris gets home from work and after we eat dinner - I find I'm too tired, and my good intentions almost always go out the window.

I decided that I would register for the Younge Street 10k on April 13th. Hopefully it will serve as motivation for me to keep at it.  Time will tell :)

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