Happy New Year

Happy New Year!  Again it has been too long since I last posted.  Life continues to be busy, but things are definitely slowing down.  Declan's colicky stage is behind us (thank goodness - we definitely had a rough first 3 months with him).

Celebrated New Year's Eve with a last minute date with Jill and her beautiful boys Marc and Trevor.  They are some of our absolutely favourite people - so it was nice to ring in the New Year with them!  We didn't make it until midnight - but we stayed up later than usual - had milkshakes, treats, and shared our New Year's resolutions.

Shay's was my favourite - and one that he came up with completely on his own….he said that this year he would keep his eyes out for lonely people on the playground, and make an effort to go and say hi to them and talk to them"  He's such a special kid!

I have a tonne of resolutions…I am sure I will get to them in posts to come….one resolution is that I want to start taking more pictures again…and my biggest motivator for taking pictures is doing the 365 Day Challenge….so here I go AGAIN….wish me luck :)

Trevor and Declan

Marc and Rowan

the boys :)

Shay eating his time up with Jill :)

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