Day 26

Cris and I has a conversation today about each of our boys.  How we love each of our sons for different reasons. And how what we love most about each child is also often the characteristics that drives us most nuts about them.  

Lately Shay has been driving me a bit insane. His tenacious, determined, and relentless attitude can be trying and tiring. He tests me, he tries my patience, he persists and persists until he is heard and he is acknowledged.  If orchestrated in the right manner, these are characteristics that will bring Shay much  success in this world, characteristics of a warrior, a fighter, a winner.  

My Granda Sneyd always used to tell my Dad to be careful when raising me.  He often reminded him of the fact that I needed a firm disciplinary approach, however, when doing so he needed to be cognizant to not break my spirit.  I now feel that I am being asked to walk this fine line with my own son.

Who knew that parenting could be so difficult, yet so rewarding!

I adore you Shay.  You motivate me, inspire me, and teach me the true meaning of courage on a daily basis! I wouldn't change a thing about you for the world.  God gave you exactly what you needed to be successful in this world!

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