Day 2 - 5 Months - Where does time go???

My little baby is 5 months old today.  Seriously, where does time go….makes me sad to think that my maternity leave is already half way over.  I just want to savour each and every day as I know these days are limited.

Declan has definitely found his spot in the family.  He is gentle, funny, smiley, determined to not be left behind, strong, and vocal.  Out of the four boys, he is definitely the most like Cris.  He has very dark hair and I think he is going to have brown eyes which I am excited about.

The boys are good with him, especially Shay.  He is very aware of Declan and his needs.  If he is crying, Shay will try to soothe him.  It is very cute.  Declan LOVES being with his brothers. He actually demands to be with them.  If the boys are playing and leave the room, Declan will go nuts.  As soon as we pick up his chair and bring it into the room where the boys are again, he is as happy as can be - pretty aware for a 5 month old - I find it so endearing!!!  

A couple of shots of my big boy!

This five month milestone actually was what inspired me to start the 365 day challenge.  I was wondering where Declan was at compared to Rowan re: looks, milestones, etc.  When Rowan was a baby, I was doing one of my challenges, and hence I had tonnes of pictures and basically journalled his development.  I think Declan deserves the same…so here I am.

At 5 months, Declan is rolling both ways, sitting up unsupported for short periods of time, loves to laugh, engages in conversation, adores his brothers, and has a very playful personality.  Man, am I ever lucky!

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