Day 14 - Strabismus Surgery

Ciaran was definitely a trooper today.  Today he had strabismus repair in his right eye with Dr. Budning.  Surgery went well despite being very, very painful for Ciaran.  He  woke up out of surgery screaming his head off - this proceeded for 15+ minutes.  Cris seemed to think that the morphine had not kicked in right away - as after 15 minutes he was beyond subdued.  Poor little guy - sometimes I think that it is so unfair what Ciaran and Shay have to endure...and they never, ever complain.  A lesson for all of us!  Yesterday he made a point to go and tell the nurse working that was in the post-op room that she "really, really hurt him" - it's nice that he is starting to better articulate how he is feeling/perceiving the world.
He also told Cris tonight that he "was seeing two daddys" which means that  bothof his  eyes are working.  Now the next step is for his brain to figure out how to get the two eyes to start working together. 

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