Post 87 - March 28

Speaking of Rowan being a big brother....

....the fourth addition of the Parreira/Sneyd household is expected at the end of July.  We are very excited to add an additional child to our clan.  I am 5 months - 1 week pregnant.  So good!!!

Post 86 - March 27

We nanny share at our house.  My good friend Danielle's son Vann who is six months younger that Rowan gets dropped off at our house everyday.  It's great for Rowan as he has a companion, friend, and someone to be pseudo  big brother to "boss" around.  Today Rowan was sharing his cars and I pad with Vann.  He LOVES to show Vann the ropes - teach him how things work - all is usually good until Vann decides it is his turn - as you can see in the last picture, Rowan is not so good at sharing!

Day 85 - March 26

Today is Epilepsy Awareness Day.  Our sweet, sweet boy Ciaran has epilepsy.  We are fortunate that his seizures are becoming farther and fewer between.  Despite this, I have to say that living with a child with seizures is extremely stressful and nerve wracking.  When Ciaran has a seizure, they take such a toll on his body.   They take a toll on Cris and I - emotionally and physically.  It is so hard to sit and watch things that are out of our control.  Out of all of the many diagnoses that the boys have, epilepsy is definitely the scariest.  

Ciaran is prone to seizures going in or coming out of sleep.  The fact that his last few seizures started behind closed doors without us being aware of what was going out - really shook us up.  

We are thankful that Ciaran responds to medication and that his life is not affected daily, weekly or even monthly by seizures.  We know that we are very fortunate for this.  We know many people that have children or adults in their family with seizures who have more serious ones and more frequent ones.  For all individuals and families affected by this neurological disease - you are in our thoughts and prayers today.  

Post 84 - March 25

Today is National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day....

Ciaran and Shay's very premature entry into this world resulted in brain bleeds which contributed to both of their unique (to themselves) diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy.  This label will always be part of their lives....

That being said, they will NEVER be defined by these labels....

They will lead normal lives and with their own limitations....if we are going to be honest here, we ALL have our own personal limitations...Ciaran and Shay's are just a bit more obvious....

Their determined spirits and sweet and loving personalities will take precedent over their physical differences...

At the end of the day, the most important thing that we as parents can ask for is that Ciaran and Shay are HAPPY and CONFIDENT in who they are as individuals.  We will not and can not ask for more....

Post 83 - March 24

The last few days have just gotten away from me...and I have just realized now that I did not snap any pictures.  So I decided today to do a flashback post that I wrote five years ago.  A poignant reminder of how far Shay has come with his walking and what a determined little soul he was right from the get go.  Click here to see Shay's very first experience with his walker.  Definitely brought tears to me eyes :)

Post 81 - March 22

A quiet day on the home front - always seems to be a quieter and more controlled day when Lemon is in charge :)

Post 80 - The JOYS of Baking/Cooking

The boys wanted to help make Lemon Blueberry muffins today with me after school.  As you can see, they were EXTREMELY helpful!!!

The end result was positive - a DELICIOUS batch of lemon blueberry muffins!

My not so successful mission today - was my first attempt to make a dinner using my Slow Cooker.  I made Zesty Chicken Pasta - it was disgusting!!! Cris, Lemon and I tried to swallow it down as a means to set an example for the kids....when Shay out of the blue blatantly stated that "this was the worstest chicken ever!" - we knew there was no need to continue pretending.  Far cry from a success story!

Post 79 - March 20

BURN legs BURN!!!

Day 78 - March 19

Today marks the one year anniversary of Ciaran, Shay and Rowan's Ovo and of Cris' father's passing. The boys' Ovo was a very special man who adored his grandchildren.  He had a very quiet presence but a very large heart.  You only had to look into his eyes to see the love he had for his children and grandchildren.  He was a gentle soul who we all miss deeply.

Day 77 - March 18

Rowan had the case of the 'sillies' today - he thought he was HILARIOUS running around the house wearing Ciaran's glasses - he so easily brings laughter to the house!

Day 76 - March 17

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!  Didn't do much in terms of Irish celebrations today - but made sure that we got a picture of the boys wearing their new Celtic coats.  This picture is another reminder (there has been plenty lately) of how FAST the boys are growing up.

This afternoon, Cris' family came over for a visit.  The get together commemorated Rowan and Ovo's birthday on (March 8 and 11) as well as the one year anniversary of Ovo's passing  this coming Tuesday.  We had a really nice visit and as you can see from the pics - the boys really enjoyed their time with the Parreiras :)

Day 75 - March 16

We had more great friends over today as the March Break comes to a close. It was so great to see the Luna's today.  My good friend Tina's kids all joined us for the visit - Erika, Alessio, and Anthony.  They have grown up so much over the last few years - to be honest, I almost died today when I saw them - a poignant reminder of just how fast time flies - my little boys will not be little boys for long :)

Ciaran, Shay and Rowan loved their time with the Lunas.  The soaked up the 1:1 attention.  They also thoroughly enjoyed Erika's delicious cookies that she had baked earlier in the morning.  An amazing morning spent with special friends.  Pure awesome!

Day 74 - March 15

Today felt like a normal day...a normal typical family day out to the Royal Botanical Gardens to see the Dinosaur exhibit, followed by lunch at McDonalds.  The RBG was totally accessible and wheelchair friendly which made life so much easier.  Some days it feels like there are so many environmental barriers that get in our way which brings with it so much added stress and anxiety.  Today was not one of those days - today felt normal - even though Shay was in his wheelchair, it did not feel like we were very much different than any other family out to enjoy the day....such a good feeling :) 

Day 73 - March 14

The boys are sporting new longly awaited hair dos.  Today we headed down to Mississauga to have Rosaleen cut Ciaran and Shay's hair.  We are very happy with their transformations - although I must say - that I find every time we get Ciaran and Shay's hair cut - the boys seem a year older (they probably are :) and I am reminded of how fast they are growing up....

After haircuts, we came home to have a play date with some of our cousins who we have not seen for awhile.  It was so nice to see everyone - and the kids surely enjoyed themselves!!!

Kellan and Shay joking around :)



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