Day 55 - February 24

The boys have been fighting for their independence lately.  They are much more interested in taking an active role in daily chores which is a great thing!!  

Tonight at dinner, Shay point blank turned to me and said "Mommy, let me butter my own bread.  I NEED to be INDEPENDENT" - as if I just heard this out from the mouth of a babe :)

Here are a few pics from the past few days of the boys partaking in family life....I am thinking that they will not remain this eager as they get older to do chores - I guess we can only nurture their interest as much as we can and hope!

Shay waiting his turn to do laundry

Day 54 - February 23

Ciaran was up most for a large portion of the night last night with a very sore ear.  The poor kid has an ear infection.  We saw the Doctor this morning and he gave him a strong prescription to knock the ear infection right out of Ciaran.  In the Doctor's office, the picture below was taped on the cupboard.  Very simple - but very insightful - and most importantly, a good reminder for me :)

Worrying needlessly is such a waste of physical and emotional energy - although I must admit, I do wish that the solution was so simplistic and easy!

Day 53 - February 22

And so the obsession with shoes continue.....

Day 52 - February 21

Ciaran and Shay were over the moon happy coming home from school today because their best buddies Marc and Trevor from Long Island, NY were coming for a visit.  The boys (all of them) had an amazing time hanging out, playing hide and go seek, and catching up.  So thankful for this beautiful friendship....

Day 51 - February 20

One month from today is the first day of Spring.  I am literally counting down the days.  It has been a LONG winter - lots of grey cloudy days, lots of snow, lots of bitter cold hope Spring will arrive in a timely manner this year.  When I look at pics from this time last year - this is what we were, were we ever SPOILED last year!!!

Day 50 - February 19

If I am looking for Rowan these days - the most likely place I will find him is with his sidekick whom he endearingly refers to as "Kimmie".  It's like he has his own "baby" sister to boss around.  In saying that, I must say does Rowan ever remind me of Shay - a bit bossy, a bit controlling, and a lot wanting to be "in charge" :)

Day 49 - February 18

It was Adelaide and Orion's 2nd birthday party today.  Ciaran who continued to feel under the weather stayed home with me while Shay, Rowan and Cris headed out to join in the festivities.  As you can see from the pics, the boys had a great time!!  Happy Birthday Addie and Orrie :)

I felt bad that Ciaran had to miss out on ALL of the fun and excitement, so decided to take him on a date to McDonalds.  I really enjoyed our 1:1 time together.  Made me realize that we need to take each of the boys out solo more often.

Day 48 - February 17

It's Family Day weekend, and half of the Parriera household is feeling under the weather.  As a result, we have been trapped inside most of the weekend.  When we got a last minute offer to go to Nana and Granda's for a Roast Beef dinner - we did not look back!!!   A welcome escape to the mundane of our weekend - and of course, the boys love their visits to Milton!

Day 47 - February 16

I have to say that I am pretty devastated about the allegations that Oliver Pistorius murdered his girlfriend.  First and foremost, I am saddened that an innocent life has been lost for no good reason.  Whatever happened behind closed doors, we will never know - but to think that a life has come to an end for no good reason at all is just so unfair and unjust.

Secondly, I am devastated for a more personal reason.  Pistorius was a huge role model for me and I hoped he would serve as an inspiration to Ciaran and Shay when they got a little older.  He was a man who overcame adversity and showed the world that one can overcome their physical limitations.  Through his presence at the London Olympics, he broke down preconceived notions of what is possible, he took the "dis" out of disability, he was a real life example of how hard work, determination, focus and grit can get you anywhere.

For my boys, I hoped that Pistorius' story would inspire them.  Would help them realize that anything is possible if you set your heart and mind to it.  Would motivate them to use their God given gifts to prove to themselves and to the world that they are CAPABLE beings.  Would provide hope, a vision, a dream of what is possible...

Did I tell you that I am devastated by this news???  A national hero, my hero has disappointed in the biggest way.  My heart goes out to Pistorius and his family, and more importantly the family of the deceased.  Fame and power can be such a gift or such a this case, it is looking like it is quite the curse.  I will be following the story closely hoping that Pistorius is not guilty but knowing in my heart that his likely is not the case :(

Day 46 - February 15

Today was a good day all around.  Ciara who had a PD Day and stayed at my Mom's overnight came over in the morning to play with the babies.  The boys were fighting to get Ciara's undivided attention at all times.  It was a nice break from routine in the morning for everyone!!

In the afternoon, I went to pick Bev up from the Go Station for an afternoon/evening visit.  From there, we went to pick Ciaran and Shay up from school.  They went nuts with excitement when they saw her.  Bev was Ciaran and Shay's primary nurse in the NICU.  Both of the boys have a magical connection with her.  I always stand back in awe at our visits how much they love and adore her.  It is such a special relationship - one that will always be nurtured and cherished!!!

Another person we are so thankful to have in our world!!!!

Day 45 - February 14

Since the flu hit our home at the beginning of the week, we have all been a little bit obsessed with disinfecting.  Rowan has jumped on the bandwagon and is constantly coming into the kitchen to request wet paper towels so we can "disinfect" the playroom.  He is just too much sometimes!

Day 44 - February 13

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  Shay was DETERMINED to sign his name on all of his Valentines.  I so admire his perserverence and patience.  He had 20 Valentines to complete and he sat for over two hours doing each one with precision and care.  Next year, I will be all the wiser and purchase or make bigger Valentine's Day cards - as the one Shay chose this year had a very small surface area which made it extremely difficult for him to control his fine motor skills necessary to write in such a small space.  I learn day by day - just hope my memory will remind me of lessons learnt a year from now...

Day 43 - February 12

Had to bring Rowan in to the Doctor today - he has Croup - poor little guy - a sore red throat and a rattling chest.  He had a hard time swallowing his food the last few days so I thought I would be nice and pick him up a Frosty.  He was very happy with the purchase but not happy enough to stay awake to finish it on our drive home.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day - he was given a steroid to try to open everything up - hoping it will lead to his road to recovery.

Day 42 - February 11

The train table is a staple in our house.  The "boys" spend hours upon hours at the table each week.  It is such a source of joy for them.  Santa Claus brought the boys a new table this year - adjusted more appropriately for Ciaran and Shay's height.  We are so thankful for this as it encourages the boys to be on their feet as much as possible which is preferred over "W" sitting.  So hope we have many more years out of this is a source of calm and peace for me (as long as they are not arguing about who has which train) ...and I can't trade that for the world :)