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Oh my could it already be 3 months since my last post?  How could Declan already be nearly 2 months old and I have not even done a post to introduce him.  I hate to admit this but I think I am already following the typical trend of the youngest child having few to no baby pictures....I can't believe I was on the road to being 'that' mom...
That is until tonight....tonight my post was inspired from a FB message I received earlier today from a good friend Lianne who has followed our journey from the early days...
Thanks Lianne for giving me the gentle kick in the butt that I needed to get back on track,  My post tonight is brief - I just downloaded a few recent pics off my phone.  It's a start - and a start is all that I needed for now.
I will start by first introducing the newest addition to our family (I will dedicate a full post to this special little man soon).  Declan Jack Parriera was born on August 2.  He is an absolutely beautiful little thing - and I am again reminded of the miracle of life and of how full my life is with my little men.  Since week 2 of life, Declan has been quite colicky - hence requiring a lot of attention and leaving me with little to no time for anything else.  The good news is that things are improving and I am hopeful (praying)  that his stage will be behind us soon :)

All of the  boys have fallen in love with their little brother.  Shay has taken a huge interest in Declan which has been so heartwarming. He asks to hold him often, wants to kiss him goodnight every night, and works hard at calming him down when Declan is having one of his many moments.  I see a very beautiful brotherly friendship developing which I am so very thankful to see!

Ciaran and Shay went back to school on September 3rd.  I cannot believe that they are already in Grade One.  They have grown up sooooo quickly.  So far they are loving their new teacher and the new friends that they are making in their new class.  I surprisingly am loving their new uniforms as they take a lot of the thinking out of our morning routines.  I also think they look quite handsome in their new attire :)

Speaking of school, the card below came home in Shay's bag last week.  I was teary when I saw what Anthony a new friend had made for Shay.  I am learning that my wishes and my fears are very similar to any Mom....we all just want our kids to be happy, confident and have good friends....this small act of kindness filled my heart.


Rowan also started preschool this month.  He is attending Woodland Daycare two days a week.  So far he is loving school.  He is sharing his independent nature with the world.  Now that Declan is here, Rowan seems so old and mature!  Sometimes I want to just press pause and hold on to these toddler is such a fun stage and I know it is going to be gone before I know it as Rowan is so desperate to grow up and be like his brothers...

Speaking of time moving too quickly...I find that I am feeling the same way about Ciaran and Shay growing up too quickly.  On Monday, the boys started horseback riding.  I cannot believe that this is their fourth year riding.  This year they look so big, so mature....they are not my babies anymore :(

And for a brief daily report - Shay had his fourth round of Botox today.  The last two rounds he has been put under a mild sedation which he has responded more favourably to.  Tonight he wrote a brief journal entry about today on the computer. 

Another reminder that my little man is maturing.  He is becoming acutely more aware - and that my friends is a whole other story - one that will be shared in an upcoming post.
To close, just want to thank you Lianne for motivating me tonight.  I am so glad that I sat down and shared :)

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