Day 138 - May 9th

Developing independence within the boys is always a goal for Cris and I as independence will be so essential for Ciaran and Shay's future.   I so want the boys to do as much as they possibly can on their own.  As a teacher, I am always thinking into the future - and questioning what the boys will look like at the age of 18 or 21.  Will they have the tools and confidence to be able to go out in the world solo?

Cris and I will readily admit that we are probably the most guilty at times of not providing the opportunities that Ciaran and Shay need to develop independence.  We always seem to have somewhere to go...and in our rushing around - we often do not give the boys the opportunity to be as independent as they can be given the time they need to be so.

Being pregnant again, I have found a huge spurt in their independent skills lately.  Because I am trying to avoid lifting the boys, they are forced to do much more on their own.  And I must say, they have risen to the occasion to do so.

They are working on getting in and out of the van on their own now when we go to appointments.  Shay is completely able to execute this task on his own and Ciaran is getting there quickly.  These opportunities to be independent lend confidence to Ciaran and Shay's world, and it enables them to feel typical....such a beautiful thing!!!

Cris and I need to continue to be conscious of goals for Ciaran and Shay around independence.  We also need to always be thinking ahead - there is so much that the boys can do with a little bit of teaching and a lot of time...things that come so naturally to most kids like dressing, toiletting, getting into the car, and getting a snack are herculean tasks for the boys....unless you live never ever realize how much physical movement, coordination, and fine motor skills are necessary for the execution of the most mundane tasks!!!

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