Day 133

Today after DASH sports, Melissa and I brought the Jeremy, Kalli and Rowan to Spencer Smith Park.  It was so beautiful there - right on Lake Ontario - warm and sunny with a refreshing breeze.  Rowan loved exploring this new park and was definitely not scared to take risks there.  He constantly surprises me with all that he can do at the young age of two - I am sure because all of the things that come so naturally to him was/is such an obstacle for Ciaran and Shay.

Sometimes these reminders make me a little sad.  I just wish sometimes that the boys didn't have the struggles that they have - like any parent - I just want the best for my boys.  Then I am reminded of how happy they are - that at this point in their life, their struggles don't seem to phase them - for now, this is my problem - not theirs - they are all good - happy with who they are and what they can do - and for this I am sooooo thankful!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Liza and Cris, We love the photos of the family. Ciaran, Shay and Rowan are thriving. Handsome devils too.
As always your observations and wisdom are inspiring.

God Bless
Martin, Dorothy, Ali, Rachel and Conor. Dublin. Ireland