Post 102 - April 12

Today my heart is heavy.  I am a saddened that a member of our special needs mom community is having to say goodbye to her inspiring, beautiful, and loving son Gavin.

Five years ago when Cris and I started becoming more aware of Ciaran and Shay's lifetime needs and diagnoses - I was desperate to find answers, solutions, resources, and others who were experiencing similar life circumstances.

At this time, I joined many online chat groups for mothers of children with cerebral palsy, mothers of children with vision needs, mothers of children with special needs.  The list was really endless.

As I joined these groups, I was virtually introduced to other warrior moms that were on a similar journey to mine.  We shared our stories, resources, thoughts, frustrations with the system, etc via these forums.  Despite never meeting many of these Moms, I gained insight and strength from their stories.  Like myself, many of these Mom's blogged their journeys.  I love reading these blogs as I always learned so much, I felt comforted that I was not alone in this crazy, overwhelming and sometimes lonely journey of being a mom to a special needs child, and I was inspired by these beautiful children who had so much more to teach the world than we could ever teach them.

Today my heart hurts.  I pray for a boy and a family whom despite never meeting, has made a huge impression on my heart over the years.  I pray for peace for beautiful Gavin and continued strength for his mom Kate and his dad Ed.  Their story of faith and courage can be found here 


LeeAnn said...

:( I'm sorry

Anonymous said...

My heart just breaks. We need to follow their stunning example of parenting and ensure every day counts. Every day our kids know they are loved. Every day we realize how lucky we are. The MacKays boys will be sharing in Gavins quest and making a difference for a gorgeous little boy. XO to you.