Day 97 - Dex

Today Nicole stopped by to drop of some of Eric's hand-me-downs and to show the boys her new puppy Dex.  Shay absolutely LOVES dogs and he was so excited to have Dex coming over.

Well Rowan took over the minute Dex walker through the door.  He clearly was in LOVE - grabbed the leash from Nicole and would not let it go.  He ran around and around the house with his new pal - it was soooo cute!!!

I would LOVE to get a family pet for our home.  I know the boys would benefit from a lifetime friend and it would be good for them to have the responsibility of a family pet.  Unfortunately, the timing is not now - as we wouldn't have the time to give a puppy the time it needs to be trained, walked daily, etc.  Hopefully one day....

For now, we will have to be satisfied with our battery operated Fur Realz dog.  Its barks, you can take it for a walk but does not shed or need bathroom breaks.  It's really all we can handle at this point in time.

Ciaran had no interest in walking the dog.  Instead, he wanted to take my eye glasses box for a walk.  He seriously cracks me up sometimes.

Once Nicole, Matt and Dex were on their way.  The boys enjoyed exploring their new toy instruments and their "Where's Waldo?" books.  Thanks so much Eric for sharing your treasures with the boys - they were entertained for hours - and the books served as an EXCELLENT visual therapy tool for Ciaran :)

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