Day 96 - April 6th

Today Cris got outside for a few hours to tackle the garden.  Our garden is huge and last year it seemed like an impossible feat to keep on top of.  This year - we are trying to get ahead of the game early!  This morning Cris pruned the peach tree.  He cut it right back so that next year we will have a better crop - this year it's only job is to rejuvenate.  Last year we had quite a bit of peaches - however did not treat them on time and hence the bugs got to them before we did.  

Tonight I was able to get out to celebrate some of my most precious friends' birthdays.  Sacha, Shelly and Nicole whom I grew up with all celebrate their birthdays in April.  It was so nice to celebrate such a milestone with them and realize that despite the years - none of us have really changed all that much.  Happy Birthday girlies!!!

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