Day 106 - April 17

Sometimes I sit back and realize just how MOST of us take physical movement for granted.  Things that come so naturally for most of us is soooo difficult for some kiddies with CP.  Today at Physio, Ciaran worked really hard at walking to a block on the floor - stopping - and then proceeding to pick it up.  This task took so much of Ciaran's mental and physical energy.  Meanwhile, the majority of us wouldn't think twice of the movement that is actually involved to do so.

Just watching Ciaran and Shay at PT today reminded me again that living with Cerebral Palsy is hard work - very hard work.  Everyday Ciaran and Shay are pushed to their physical capacity just to get around.  Their movements require thought - especially for Shay - deep thought about how he is going to get from point A to point B.  And...they NEVER complain...EVER...their physical disabilities make up their physical being...they are who they are...and they are proud of it.  So many of us who could so benefit from taking on such a positive and empowering attitude!!!

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