April 26 - Post 125

Today I was reminded of how very FAST my sons are growing up!  It was a PD day today so we decided to spend the morning at Ciaran and Shay's old preschool - Sedgewick.  It was SO nice to see everyone!   Ciaran and Shay were like celebrities when they first arrived.  Their old friends were dying to see them.  They all waited anxiously at the window outside when we first got there.  Shay was quite overwhelmed at first - he did not really know how to handle all of the attention.  Of course, Ciaran was all over it :)

It was so nice to be back at Sedgewick.  Really brought me back to the roots of Ciaran and Shay's education.  The care/education that the boys received between Margaret Drive daycare and Sedgewick daycare was incredible.  Both facilities are run by incredibly talented and dedicated staff.  Each and everyone of the teachers, supervisors, cooks, assistants, and substitutes provided the boys with such a strong and healthy foundation.  They always celebrated Ciaran and Shay's unique personalities and always pushed them to be the best that they can be.  So thankful for such a positive start...

After our visit, I decided to bring the boys to McDonalds for a treat.  We had a really nice lunch date.  It is getting easier and easier to bring Ciaran and Shay out these days - they both are becoming more and more independent and their listening skills are starting to improve.  Small changes in maturity make such a big difference!!!

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