Day 85 - March 26

Today is Epilepsy Awareness Day.  Our sweet, sweet boy Ciaran has epilepsy.  We are fortunate that his seizures are becoming farther and fewer between.  Despite this, I have to say that living with a child with seizures is extremely stressful and nerve wracking.  When Ciaran has a seizure, they take such a toll on his body.   They take a toll on Cris and I - emotionally and physically.  It is so hard to sit and watch things that are out of our control.  Out of all of the many diagnoses that the boys have, epilepsy is definitely the scariest.  

Ciaran is prone to seizures going in or coming out of sleep.  The fact that his last few seizures started behind closed doors without us being aware of what was going out - really shook us up.  

We are thankful that Ciaran responds to medication and that his life is not affected daily, weekly or even monthly by seizures.  We know that we are very fortunate for this.  We know many people that have children or adults in their family with seizures who have more serious ones and more frequent ones.  For all individuals and families affected by this neurological disease - you are in our thoughts and prayers today.  

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