Day 73 - March 14

The boys are sporting new longly awaited hair dos.  Today we headed down to Mississauga to have Rosaleen cut Ciaran and Shay's hair.  We are very happy with their transformations - although I must say - that I find every time we get Ciaran and Shay's hair cut - the boys seem a year older (they probably are :) and I am reminded of how fast they are growing up....

After haircuts, we came home to have a play date with some of our cousins who we have not seen for awhile.  It was so nice to see everyone - and the kids surely enjoyed themselves!!!

Kellan and Shay joking around :)



9 of 12 of the Sneyd's grandchildren


Lyla and Shay

Sean and Eamonn


Currently the two youngest Sneyd grandchildren - Rowan and Vivian



Kelly said...

Shay looks like Cris with his haircut!

The Trousdell Five said...

Love the haircuts - and you're right, there is something about a haircut making a little boy look so much older!