Day 72 - March 13

Busy, busy day today.  Started day at Erinoaks for a post-botox PT appointment with Shay.  Shay's legs are nice and loose - however, also very weak!  We spent a lot of time on the treadmill today doing side stepping to try to strengthen abductor muscles.  Because Shay's adductor (inside of legs) are always so tight - the tone takes over - and there is little opportunity to develop the opposing muscles.  Now is our window of opportunity - we will be spending much more time down in the basement in the upcoming weeks working those muscles and attempting to develop strength.

After PT, Ciaran and Shay spent some time doing one of their favourite pastimes - reading on RAZ kids.  While Rowan excitedly awaited to be picked up from my girlfriend Melissa to join Jeremy, Kalli and Lok for a playdate.  

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