Day 67 - March 8

My sweet, whimsical, spirited, lively, compassionate and charismatic baby boy is two years old today. Rowan has brought an immense amount of joy to our lives since he entered the world two years ago. He was born a wise soul who immediately was aware of the world around him and he continues to be the same. 

Soon after Rowan was born, he demanded a place in the hearts of Ciaran and Shay.  Shay initially really struggled with letting him in (it took him 74 days for Shay to acknowledge his brother).  Now two years later, there is no question that Rowan has found a profound place in each of the boys' hearts. I think he truly believes that he is five and a half years old just like them.  When Ciaran and Shay have friends over and are playing hide and go seek - Rowan is right in the midst of the game.  Squealing with delight as one of the boys discover his one of his many "clever" hiding spots.  

At the young age of two, Rowan is already very aware of his brothers needs.  He recognizes when his brothers are in need of their walkers or canes and he goes off on his own initiative to ensure their needs are always met.  He sees Ciaran and Shay's struggles through the innocent eyes of a child - he adores them for who they are and he does not perceive them as different.  

Rowan was a God send to our family.  His personality and warm and loving ways has really found a special place in our family dynamics.  We are so thankful to have Rowan in our lives.  We can only hope that as he grows into a boy, teenager, and young man - that he continues to have such a magical presence, such an empathetic and compassionate soul, and be so acutely aware and accepting of the diverse world around him.  I love you Rowan with all my heart.  

Rowan is 2 today!  Celebrating this milestone at Shoeless Joes :)

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