Day 64 - March 5

Only a few more days of our absolutely insane specialist appointment schedule.  The last two weeks have been non-stop and intense.  Going to see the specialists is physically draining when we are travelling here there and everywhere as well as being emotionally draining.  I'm tired, Cris is tired, the boys are tired.  Looking forward to the March Break next week - a week to relax and rejuvenate.  

Today we were at Erinoak Kids all morning with Dr. Weaver - Ciaran and Shay's Developmental Pediatrician.  They were there for their annual check up.   Dr. Weaver was very impressed with the both of the boys' progress over the last year.  They continue to make gains which we are very proud of.  Boys enjoyed having the opportunity to be Doctor today as they got to listen to their own heartbeats.  After their appointment, they headed to school for a few hours.  We then headed back up to Etobicoke for their PT session.  They enjoyed doing something a little bit different today with Michelle and Keiri :)

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