Day 57 - February 26

It's been a BUSY, BUSY few weeks!!!  Lots of specialist appointments and lots of drives to Sick Kids for such!  Today Shay and I heading into Toronto for two appointments.  First we met with Chris - the "Hearing Aid Guy" and had Shay fitted for new molds.  We then walked over to Sick Kids and Shay and I had lunch together.   We ended up sitting beside two Paramedics and had a friendly conversation with them.  After lunch, we headed to the sixth floor to see Kelly - the audiologist for Shay's hearing test.  Shay LOVES going to Kelly - she is young and very pretty - Shay seriously flirted with her the entire time.  How is it that boys have this innate flirtation filter already at such a young age??

Shay did amazing on his hearing test.  He is able to participate so much more these days in testing which makes the results so much more reliable.  He still has a moderate to severe hearing loss and is clearly benefiting from being aided.  Cris and I fought the hearing loss for sooo long as it was so evident that Shay could hear - which he could - no problem - he just could not hear at the frequency that speech is translayed - which is much more obvious now that he is aided - as I can actually witness  the difference when he is wearing hearing aids vs when he is not.  His hearing aids appear to be effective in allowing Shay to hear normally.  We are thankful for this...

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