Day 56 - February 25

Today Cris and I went to meet with Dr. Kulkarni (Ciaran's Neurosurgeon) to review his file and to discuss a few questions Cris and I had for him.  We had a very successful meeting.  He explained some things that Cris and I did not understand in the past and he indicated that he is very happy with Ciaran's progress at this point in time.  He believes that Ciaran's Hydrocepheles is stable now - thank goodness - but has decided to order an MRI for him just to be sure as he has not had an MRI for two years now.

Dr. Kulkarni has been in Ciaran's life since the very early days.  He has always been very clear with his intent and very cautious in his approach.  I am thankful for this as Ciaran has always been in the grey when it came to shunting vs not shunting.  Nearly six years later, I continue to have butterflies in my stomach every time we meet with him - dealing with Ciaran's brain injury has been by far one of the most stressful aspects of our journey as there have always been so many unknowns...

Despite Ciaran's significant brain injury - he is doing exceptionally well!  He knows his numbers to 100, he can read 30+ sight words, he has met all of the academic expectations for SK already.  His brain is resilient and he works hard day in and day out to be the very best that he can be - and for this, I can not be more proud!!!  You've come a heck of a long way baby!!!!

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My favourite post if the year so far!