Day 47 - February 16

I have to say that I am pretty devastated about the allegations that Oliver Pistorius murdered his girlfriend.  First and foremost, I am saddened that an innocent life has been lost for no good reason.  Whatever happened behind closed doors, we will never know - but to think that a life has come to an end for no good reason at all is just so unfair and unjust.

Secondly, I am devastated for a more personal reason.  Pistorius was a huge role model for me and I hoped he would serve as an inspiration to Ciaran and Shay when they got a little older.  He was a man who overcame adversity and showed the world that one can overcome their physical limitations.  Through his presence at the London Olympics, he broke down preconceived notions of what is possible, he took the "dis" out of disability, he was a real life example of how hard work, determination, focus and grit can get you anywhere.

For my boys, I hoped that Pistorius' story would inspire them.  Would help them realize that anything is possible if you set your heart and mind to it.  Would motivate them to use their God given gifts to prove to themselves and to the world that they are CAPABLE beings.  Would provide hope, a vision, a dream of what is possible...

Did I tell you that I am devastated by this news???  A national hero, my hero has disappointed in the biggest way.  My heart goes out to Pistorius and his family, and more importantly the family of the deceased.  Fame and power can be such a gift or such a this case, it is looking like it is quite the curse.  I will be following the story closely hoping that Pistorius is not guilty but knowing in my heart that his likely is not the case :(

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