Day 46 - February 15

Today was a good day all around.  Ciara who had a PD Day and stayed at my Mom's overnight came over in the morning to play with the babies.  The boys were fighting to get Ciara's undivided attention at all times.  It was a nice break from routine in the morning for everyone!!

In the afternoon, I went to pick Bev up from the Go Station for an afternoon/evening visit.  From there, we went to pick Ciaran and Shay up from school.  They went nuts with excitement when they saw her.  Bev was Ciaran and Shay's primary nurse in the NICU.  Both of the boys have a magical connection with her.  I always stand back in awe at our visits how much they love and adore her.  It is such a special relationship - one that will always be nurtured and cherished!!!

Another person we are so thankful to have in our world!!!!

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