Day 32 - February 1

Today we met with Ciaran and Shay's SK teacher Mrs. Olds for Parent/Teacher interviews.  The boys are doing really well in Kindergarten.

The pivotal reason why the boys are doing so well is because they have an absolutely phenomenal teacher.  Mrs. Olds is a God send.  In my fifteen years of teaching, I have seen few teachers as dedicated to the needs of each individual student in her care.  In five short months, she has an incredible handle on the boys.  She understands their unique learning profiles and plans accordingly.  She gets their idiosyncrasies - and embraces them.  She is honest and forthright, realistic, and genuinely cares for the best interests of each and every one of her students.  As you see, our luck has continued with incredible educators igniting our boys' academic journey.

This awesomeness is paired with the two EA's that work with Ciaran and Shay - Mrs. Hornby and Mrs. Barber.  They too are absolutely amazing with the boys.  It is always so clear that they love them and are working in their best interests.

The boys had a PD day today, so as a treat - we met their friend Brynn at McDonalds after a quick visit to the library.  It was a monumental day for Ciaran as he climbed all the way to the top of the playhouse   ALL by himself.  Once up there though, it took him a while to figure out how to get down - after a half an hour and me mentally preparing myself to go and get him - this smiley proud boy came zooming down the slide :)

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