Day 4

I have not been much of a reader since having Ciaran and Shay.  To be more succinct, I have not read a book in it's entirety since the birth of Ciaran and Shay.  Until this past Christmas Break that is, when I was completely enthralled in an amazing and inspiring book entitled "The Water Giver".  It is the story of a mother's journey through a traumatic brain injury.   Here is an overview of the book that I found on Amazon.

Former San Francisco Chronicle sports columnist Ryan never quite had the feeling as if her mothering instincts fit the boy she loved. His early childhood diagnosis with sensory integration dysfunction gave her analytical side a roadmap of therapies and teaching tools, but the heartbreak of watching him struggle endlessly in school and at home left her emotionally exhausted and unsure of herself. Then their lives changed: after falling from his skateboard just blocks from their home at age 16, her son suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him unable to walk or talk, requiring multiple complex surgeries and months of rehabilitation. Her story of supporting him through this experience, with expert medical teams and tremendous aid from family and friends, is a testament both to her stamina and to his strength. Given the perspective that sometimes only a crisis can bring, Ryan learns to forgive herself for the smaller struggles of her son's earlier years, to take each day's challenges as they come and to trust herself to be the only mother that he needs.

And here is the last paragraph of the book.  So, so poignant.  So resonates.  She could not have said it better...

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