Day 12 - My soul was sold to the porcelain gods :(

I thought I was lucky enough to stay clear of the yucky stomach flu going around - unfortunately this weekend my soul was sold to the porcelain gods :(

Cris, Shay and Ciaran had this nasty stomach bug two weeks ago - I disinfected the whole house.  Last week, out of nowhere Vann (Rowan's friend who nanny shares with us), along with Keith and Danielle somehow picked it up (likely the bacteria was still kicking around our house and Vann being a toddler puts everything in his mouth) - so back to disinfecting I went.  Then on Saturday morning - after having stomach pains most of the week - I had the stomach flu in full force.  It's been three days...and I am just starting to feel better...all I can say is YUCK!!!  And...that we will be off to get our flu shots as soon as we are all on the mend.

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LeeAnn said...

I am so impressed...the flu didn't break your 365 goal! Hope you're feeling 100% soon.