2013 – Mission 365

Today is New Year’s Day.  I enjoyed a quiet day at home organizing, cleaning, relaxing, reading, going for a walk around the neighbourhood and looking back on memories captured on this blog.

In going back in time, I was actually quite taken aback by all of the moments in time that I have filed away or forgotten about over the years.  Reviewing the pictures and videos from the past five years brought back many memories…memories that made me smile, memories that made me beam with pride and memories that brought a few tears….needless to say, it’s been a crazy and very eventful five years!!!

For this reason, I have decided as one of my New Year's resolutions to give Mission 365 another shot.  Even if I just post a pic of the day – it is a memory captured – one that I may lose if I don’t file it J  Mission 365 forces me to always have my camera at hand – forces me to see the beauty in everyday moments, forces me to celebrate small daily victories, and forces me to capture moments in time in Ciaran, Shay and Rowan’s childhood that I will never have again.

To be honest, I have never really been good at sticking to resolutions (I’m amazing at creating them).  For this reason, I have decided to make monthly resolutions for myself and for the boys for the year 2013.  Will save that post for tomorrow.  Tonight I will share some outdoor pics that I took over the holidays when Bev came for a visit.  So much fun was to be had!!!

Happy New Year!  Looking forward to a happy, healthy, and exciting 2013!

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