Day 29

Ciaran had me laughing tonight at Physio.  He decided to transport stickers back and forth as a mustache - it was very cute - but definitely interferred with productivity - he was much more interested at looking at himself in the mirror tonight than he was in completing his exercises :)

Day 28

A typical evening at our house - enjoying a story or two before bedtime.  Rowan REFUSES to go to sleep now unless he gets to listen to his bedtime story and then climb onto Ciaran and Shay's bed to give them each a hug and kiss goodnight.  I am sure he is dreaming of the day that he will get to sleep in their room with them in a big boy bed...a day that will unlikely never come - unless I want to deal with the chaos that will accompany it!!

Day 27

Team Auld (Melissa's curling team) made it to the finals of the provincial championships!!!!  A win would mean a ticket to the Nationals which could lead to a spot in the Olympics!!!!  We watched the semi-finals on TV this morning - so stressful to watch - but a happy ending was to be had!!!

We were all so very excited that Foster made it to the finals- as she and her team has worked tirelessly to get there.  My friend Krista and I decided to head down to Kitchener this afternoon to watch the final game.  Team Auld played amazing, but unfortunately could not clinch the title.  Whatever the case, we are beyond proud of Foster and so enjoyed the caliber of the game!!!  Way to go Team Auld!!!

Day 26

Today Rowan and I went to Kitchener, Waterloo to meet my friends Krista and Mary and her beautiful daughter Lok to watch our friend Melissa curl in the Scottie's Tournament of Hearts Provincial Curling Championship.

We were very excited to meet Lok!  Mary had just adopted her in December from Vietnam.  Rowan and Lok hit it off beautifully and cooperated for a small amount of time to allow us to catch some of Melissa's game!

Day 25

True LOVE...nothing more....nothing less!!!

Day 24

Today Orla went to Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts to audition for acceptance into their program next year for Grade Seven.  I personally am so proud of Orla for taking the risk today - as an unfortunate reality these days is that teens don't take risks like they used to as they fear failure.

Well failure does not exist in this scenario.  If Orla is meant to be in the program she will be.  Just going through the audition process was a lesson in life, a lesson in character, a lesson in believing that she will end up exactly where she should be.  My fingers and toes are crossed that she will end exactly where her little heart desires.  I am so proud of you whatever the outcome Orla and just LOVE the lyrics of the song you chose to sing for your audition 'A dream is a wish that your heart makes'

 A dream is a wish your heart makes,
When you're fast asleep,
In dreams you lose your heartaches,
Whatever you wish for, you keep.
Have faith in your dreams and someday,
Your rainbow will come smiling through,
No matter how your heart is grieving,
If you keep on believing,
The dream that you wish will come true.
A dream is a wish your heart makes,
When you're feeling small,
Alone, In the night you whisper,
Thinking no one can hear you at all.
You wake with the morning sunlight,
To find fortune that is smiling on you,
Don't let your heart be filled with sorrow,
For all you know tomorrow,
The dream that you wish will come true.
A dream is a wish your heart makes,
A dream is a wish your heart makes,
You Wake with the morning sunlight,
To find fortune that is smiling on you,
Don't let your heart be filled with sorrow,
For all you know tomorrow,
The dream that you wish will come true.
No matter how your heart is grieving
If you keep on believing
The dream that you wish will come true

Day 23

Just came across this pic - one of my favourites from the summer.  I am missing bright blue skies, endless sunshine rays, summer heat, and the simplicity of dressing for warmer weather.

Counting down the days until Spring/Summer!!!

Day 22

Yikes - I am only into January and I am already getting so far behind on posts.  Days are busy, nights are the same.  By the time we get the boys to bed at night, I am ready to do the same.

Today we had PT at Butterfly in Etobicoke.  We go every Tuesday.  Ciaran sees Keiri and Shay sees Michelle.  Michelle just got back from being off on mat leave for six months.  Despite the fact that she works Shay ultra hard, it is clear that he is glad his pal is back.  It's as if he intuitively knows exactly what he needs  - he knows he needs to be pushed to the limit in order for his little legs and core to get stronger - and so he perseveres, and so he seeks more :)

Day 21

Rowan had a play date with my friend Melissa's son Jeremy tonight.  The boys had a blast together.  Admittedly, Rowan was a bit of a bossy boots initially - but Jeremy showed him quickly that he could hold his own with him - and they worked it all out :)

Day 20

Today we had visitors.  Nicola and Taryn came to visit the boys.  It has been awhile since we saw them - the boys and Taryn really enjoyed themselves :)

Day 19

The boys are back to their swimming lessons on Saturdays and they couldn't be happier!!!  Unfortunately most of the activities offered for the boys fall on Saturdays - so we have to sacrifice one activity for another.  We decided for the winter session, we would pick up swimming again as the boys MISSED it so much.  Wheelchair basketball has been put on hold for the time being, to be honest, I think that the boys would benefit from a few more years of maturity before taking that on again, however, time will tell...and we will wait and see :)

Day 18

Enjoying the beautiful snow...okay, maybe not so much!  Rowan has an aversion to wearing hats and mittens - hence things went down hill quickly when his hands got cold from picking up the snow today.  As they always say, live and learn....hopefully he will soon!!!

Day 17

Speaking of brotherly love - this is an incredibly inspiring video that I just HAD to share :)


Day 16

Rowan is Shay's sidekick.  He absolutely ADORES Shay (he adores Ciaran too - it is just a little different).  You know how it is with siblings - you have a different relationship with each one based on dynamics, personality, interests, etc.  I think Shay/Rowan's connection could have something to do with the fact that Shay is a bossy boot and Rowan is a bossy boot - which makes the two of them two peas in one pod.  I think that Rowan looks up to Shay as "the" big brother (because Shay so easily fits the role as he constantly taking charge, telling everyone what they need and need not do, and ultimately he thinks he is the man in charge in the family).

Where ever Shay is in the house at any given time, you are more or less guaranteed to find Rowan nearby.  He has the tendency to plop himself right center in the middle of Shay's universe any chance he can get.  This is evident in the picture that I took today of the boys' playing at the train table as well as the two other candid pictures taken in the past of the boys.

I've always said that there is something magical about Rowan's presence in our family.  The day he was born, everything just felt right.  It was as if God gave us this 'old soul' to fulfill a new and needed role in our family dynamic.  We have had many clear and powerful reminders along the way of this....and tonight Cris and I were given just one of those reminders whereupon we were both completely taken aback as we witnessed the power of RAW brotherly love.

Rowan is 22 months.  He is an intuitive being.  He is aware of everything going on around him.  He is a wise soul.  Tonight we were in the family room watching a video before bed, when we announced to the boys that it was bedtime.  Immediately, Rowan stood up and took a look around.  Next thing we knew, he ran out of the room and returned a minute later with Shay's walker.  He wheeled Shay's walker directly in front of his chair and positioned it so that Shay could pull to stand in his walker and proceed to his room for bedtime stories.  This intuitive act of kindness and love was not initiated by a request, by guidance, nor even the mere mention of Shay's walker.

Rowan owned it.  

At 22 months, he knows deep in his being what exactly his brothers' need and he has made an unspoken commitment to look out for their best interests even though he is their much younger brother.

Witnessing this action really, really pulled at my heart stings tonight.  It provided such insight into the human spirit or more importantly into how exposure leads to knowledge, to acceptance, to unconditional love despite one's age.  You see Rowan idolizes his brothers.  They are his heroes.  All he has ever known is Ciaran and Shay requiring their walkers for mobility purposes.  The walkers are seen for what they are - to provide function for the boys.  Rowan doesn't see the walkers as obstacles, nor does he see his brothers as different.  He seems them for who they truly are - loving, caring, gregarious young boys who love life and are just like any other typical kid - what a gift Rowan has been given to have this knowledge at such a young age.  My biggest hope is that Rowan will always be such a loving, empathetic soul who intuitively understands the needs of others especially those of his adoring brothers.

Day 15 - Potty Training

Today was Day 1 of Potty Training for Rowan.  Clearly, it was very tedious and tiring for the little guy.  He did a great job sitting on his potty today but we had no success with output.  Tomorrow is another day :)

Day 14

We have VERY generous family and friends.  We often get amazing hand me downs in the form of clothes and toys.  Today this arrived from the Romanos - the boys were thrilled with their new musical instrument - thanks Fab, Camilla, Conor, Orla and Ciara :)

Day 13

HAD to get outside for a few minutes today to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL weather!!!!

Day 12 - My soul was sold to the porcelain gods :(

I thought I was lucky enough to stay clear of the yucky stomach flu going around - unfortunately this weekend my soul was sold to the porcelain gods :(

Cris, Shay and Ciaran had this nasty stomach bug two weeks ago - I disinfected the whole house.  Last week, out of nowhere Vann (Rowan's friend who nanny shares with us), along with Keith and Danielle somehow picked it up (likely the bacteria was still kicking around our house and Vann being a toddler puts everything in his mouth) - so back to disinfecting I went.  Then on Saturday morning - after having stomach pains most of the week - I had the stomach flu in full force.  It's been three days...and I am just starting to feel better...all I can say is YUCK!!!  And...that we will be off to get our flu shots as soon as we are all on the mend.

Day 11

Love the calm days.  Here is Vann, Rowan and Shay listening to/ reading books on TumbleBooks - one of their favourite past-times :)

Day 10 - January 10

My friend Erin and sister-in-law Tasha have been telling that I have to go to this fruit/veggie wholesaler in Hamilton (right across from Mac) for years.  I have been twice - one time with each of them.  Today I ventured out to Hamilton on my own - and was so happy I did.  I got all of the produce in the pictures (raspberries and blueberries stacked) for the low price of $25.00 - now that is a BARGAIN if I do say so myself.  Would have cost $60-$80 at the regular grocery store.  Thanks Tash and Erin :)

Day 9

Rowan is an independent soul.  Shay is an even more independent soul.  Interesting today watching Shay trying to enforce control and order over Rowan during his bath today.  Shay was determined that he would bath Rowan - Rowan was determined to do it on his own.

Shay 0                 Rowan 1

Day 8

Giddy Up Daddy!  Bring me to bed :)

Day 7

The stomach flu has hit the Parreira household and has now spread to the Allemang household (Vann Allemang is Rowan's best little buddy whom we nanny share with).  Anyhow, tonight all of the toys were disinfected.  Here's hoping it stops here!!!

Day 6 - January 6, 2013

Sadly, today was the last day of Christmas Break.  So much to do to get ready for another busy week of life.  Thankfully our therapy schedule is MUCH lighter than usual during the next few months.  That is because the boys are not riding during the winter, and they are just finishing off their OT/PT block at ErinOak.

We spent today with Cris' friends/family celebrating Christmas.  It was a great day with great friends!! Here are a few pics that I took today of the festivities.