Days and weeks have gotten away from me...

The days, weeks and months have just gotten away from me.  Being back at work has taken on a whole new level of busy.  All is good, I cannot complain - I just have little time for other things at the moment.

We had the Case Conference for Ciaran and Shay's transition to St. Mark on Friday.  I have been beyond stressed with the mere thought of this transition.  We have been beyond blessed in the past few years with care/schooling for the boys.  My mindset in the past five years has been that we have been preparing the boys for their school years - luckily I felt quite confident in this task - despite the fact that this preparation has been all encompassing.

I feel that in this transition to elementary school, Cris and I have much bigger fishes to fry - I feel at this point, we are beginning to prepare Ciaran and Shay for LIFE.  Beyond overwhelming to think about...

To prepare for the Case Conference, Cris and I along with the help of a few close family friends (sincere thank you to the Shippels - could not have done this without you!) helped bring our vision for the boys future to fruition.  The video we presented for both boys really gave a glimpse into how truly far they have come in the past five years and what we hope and dream for their future. 

Thought we would share....enjoy!!

Ciaran's video

Shay's video