Day 31 - Winter.

I can't believe that it is January 31st and we are in the thick of the winter.  This is what we did after school today.  Love this weather!!!

Day 30 - Just another thing...

Today was a day that we have been dreading for a few years now.  We brought Shay to Sick Kids for a follow up hearing appointment today and the results indicated again that he has a mild to moderate hearing loss.  This was the first testing session that Shay verbally was able to identify when he heard the different tones.  It was the first time that I felt confident that the testing session represented his true hearing potential.  Over the past four and a half years, his audiology tests have been all over the place - ranging from normal hearing to a severe to profound loss.  Today was the second time in two months that Shay's results were consistent.  As a result, Kelly, his audiologist recommended that we do a three month trial with hearing aids. 

To back track a little - when Shay was five months old, we were told that he had a severe to profound hearing loss and that he would never hear.  Cris and I were initially devastated, but soon quite confident that Shay could hear based on his behaviour around the house. After running more tests at Sick Kids Hospital, Shay was diagnosed with Auditory Neuropathy which is a a very unique hearing condition (and not completely understood) common in preemies.  If you are interested in understanding the condition a little more, click here

I will be honest - I don't love the idea of Shay getting hearing aids - it is just another thing that is going to make him different from his peers. It is just one more thing that we will have to worry about.  That being said, Shay is one of the strongest, most resilient kids I have ever met.  He has taught me to not set my own personal expectations on him - he runs his own show - he will let us know whether or not the hearing aids are a "fit" for him.  His biggest desire is to keep up with his peers - something as small as a hearing aid may help him get him that much closer.  Time will only tell....  he had the mold made today - the hearing aids should be ready in the next few weeks - I will keep you posted.

Day 29 - I'm a Lucky Boy

Before Ciaran went to bed tonight - he told Cris - "I'm a lucky boy" - I am not sure what exactly he was referring to - but one thing we were so impressed with this weekend was with his walking. Unfortunately, I did not get the video camera out on time to get a good clip at how far he has come.  I will work on getting one this week.  He took over 25 steps in one trial today - he is doing amazing!


Day 28 - The Littliest Cousins

Nana and Granda have 9 grandchildren under the age of six.  Here are the four youngest after Vivian.  Estelle, Lyla, Sean and Rowan hanging out.

Day 27 - Back to his old tricks

Rowan is finally feeling better and is back to his old tricks.  He does not want to miss a beat at the house and hence is doing his best to avoid sleep so that he can keep up with Ciaran and Shay.  I went in today to check on him and found him sleeping basically sitting up.  He is too funny :)

Day 25 - Visit to the ER

Rowan woke up with a fever of 105 today.  He has had a relatively high fever since Friday.  105 is a number we have never seen on the themometer before - it scared us - so we decided to bring Rowan to the ER.  Despite being very under the weather, Rowan remained his happy go lucky curious self.  He was tested for strep, the flu and a urinary tract infection...the doctor thought it was probably viral.  We await the results.  There was a Norwalk outbreak in Ciaran and Shay's daycare today - think it probably stems from the fact that we have had such a mild winter - germs are not being killed off - I'm hoping for a deep freeze :)

Day 24 - Monkey See - Monkey Do

Day 23 - LOVE.

I am totally and completely in love with our new house.  Don't get me wrong - it has been a lot of work and we have a whole lot more to do.  That being said, I love what it has already provided for the boys - confidence, drive, comfort and independence.  For me, it has provided a sense of home, calm, and peace.  I always say that things happen for a reason....I really think we were meant to be here...and I am beyond thankful for this!

We are nearly finished Ciaran and Shay's room - this is the wall over their the quote!!

Day 22 - Pile Up

The boys having fun with their Dad - love moments like this ...

Day 21 - Swimming Lessons

Ciaran and Shay just started swimming lessons last week through the Burlington YMCA.  They are in the Little Sharks program which is a swimming program for children with Special Needs.  They get a 45 minute individual lesson every week with Sam and Shauna.  The boys LOVE the water which makes me really excited for the summer!  Today Rowan got in the water with Cris for the first time. He was a bit more apprehensive than the boys - but overall had a good time.

Day 20 - We live in a walker world :)

I love how unassuming kids are.  No matter who comes to our house - the kids always find themselves in a walker, walking around the house like its nothing out of the ordinary.  It is so innocent and natural - it's always warms my heart!!!  Brynn came over tonight to hang out with her friends - the boys had a great time with her.  Brynn had a soft spot for Baby Rowan :)

Day 19 - Rowan is on the move

Rowan constantly amazes us with how easy movement comes to him.  He is now walking around the house in his version of his walker.  He is up on his feet everytime I turn around - I know it will not be long before he is fully mobile.  My goodness - slow down boy :)


Day 18 - I wish a Band-aid could cure anything :(

Ciaran was adamant that I get him a Band-aid this morning because his head was hurting.  Oh - how I only wish - that a Band aid would fix everything for him.  I must say that it was reassuring that he is better able to verbalize how he is feeling these days!!!  He recovered quicker today that he has in the past - another day of rest tomorrow and hopefully he will be back to his happy go lucky self!!!

Day 17 - Something has to give

I planned to do this blog post last night.  A post on how busy it is raising two sons with special needs.  I am not complaining - I am all over intervention because I see what a significant difference it is making in the lives of Ciaran and Shay.  This month we have a speech block, OT and PT block with ErinOak as well as horseback riding lessons, swimming lessons and our private PT sessions at Butterfly.  Our calendar is completely packed and it is starting to take it's toll.  Rowan is a dream - always has been.  Lately he has not been eating very well or napping very much because he is running around with me and is completely over tired.  Last night - I was brainstorming what we could do to slow things down as I am exhausted - can only imagine how the kids feel.  This morning Ciaran had a seizure - point taken - something definitely has to give - we just have to figure out what.

Day 16 - Some things just don't go out of style

Plaid shirts just don't go out of style.  Rowan's shirt here is a hand-me-down from his twelve year old cousin Conor - and it still totally works!!!

Day 15 - Lots of Visitors

Our house was busy this weekend.  We had lots of visitors - the boys had a great weekend and they so enjoyed time with all of thier friends.

Addie and Rowan

Gabriella and Shay

Ciaran, Shay and Jack

Jack n Shay with Lego

Orrie and Rowan



Ciaran, Hayden and Shay

Day 14 - Canadian Olympics here we come :)

Today was an important day for my boys.  Today they got on the ice to give Sledge hockey a shot.  I want Ciaran and Shay to have strong idenities.  I think that a child can develop confidence by idenifying themselves with a sport - as an athlete.  Today was a very important day for Cris and I.  It was the first step in hopefully many of having Ciaran and Shay involved in organized sport.  The pictures captured the moment much better than I can in words.  Enjoy. 

Day 13 - Getting back on track

The last four months have been insanely busy with the move.  We are so out of touch with so many people.  One of our New Year's Resolutions is to spend more time with the important people in our lives.  This weekend was full of visits from some of our favourite people.  Tonight Rowan was treated to a bath from Riles - he loved his time with her :)

Day 12 - Bed Buddies

Shay and Ciaran go to bed each night with their beds full of their buddies.  Their friends leave little room for them to move around :)  They are too funny!