Cortical Visual Impairment

So Maureen, Ciaran and I had a very successful road trip to Pittsburgh! We left Burlington on Sunday around noon and arrived at our hotel around 6:00pm after a few wrong turns thanks to my malfunctioning GPS system.  We got settled and then headed out for a quick bite to eat. Ciaran was pretty darn cute going to sleep that night.  He kept lifting his head up to make sure that Maureen was still in the other bed - each time he realized she was, he flashed the most heart melting smile :)

On Monday morning, we got up, got showered and headed out for a hearty breakfast before Ciaran's assessment.  Our appointment with Dr. Roman was at 11:00am.  She spent over two hours assessing Ciaran's vision and I must say her assessment was so eye opening!!!  It provided so much insight into Ciaran's visual world and his difficulties with visual processing, visual organizing, and his inability/challenges in processing visual clutter/complex visual designs.  Dr. Roman diagnosed Ciaran with Cortical Vision Impairment back in March, Upon further testing, it is so obvious that Ciaran has CVI. If you are interested in better understanding what exactly CVI is, click here .

How I have continually been told for the past five years by the leading vision specialists in Canada that Ciaran does NOT have CVI (because his vision is too good) and instead delayed visual maturation is BEYOND ME! This is a huge piece when it comes to Ciaran's education - thank goodness we were introduced to Dr. Christine Roman. A sentiment that she shared during the assessment that really struck a chord for me was "If Ciaran FAILS in school - it is not because Ciaran is FAILING - it is the school FAILING to provide Ciaran with the appropriate accommodations necessary to meet his vision needs as a learner" - what an empowering and exciting insight for Cris and I!!!!

Picture of Maureen and Ciaran playing prior to assessment


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The Trousdell Five said...

Glad to hear this diagnosis provided some clarity for you guys!