Day 66 - Cortical Visual Impairment

Okay - I am soooo far behind on Mission 365, yet determined to catch up.  I have downloaded all the pics for the first seven days I am behind on.  Last week was a huge week of appointments which comes with lots of things I want to share.  So much to share that I have not found the time to write many of the posts....I just have the pictures downloaded.  I've decided that I will post the pics with a sentence or two...and will catch up with my writing when time permits.  If I don't get back on this, I am afraid I will fail my mission the second time around. 

Tuesday was a day of  tremendous insight for Cris and I.  Maureen our PT from Sunnybrook arranged for Ciaran to have a functional vision assessment from Dr. Christine Roman a renound researcher and clinician in Cortical Visual Impairment....(more to come)

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