Day 65 - Botox

Today Shay received his 4th round of botox.  This time the lead up to the botox appointment was a bit emotional for Shay.  When I told him two weeks ago that the botox appointment was coming up, he got very upset and told me he didn't want to go as it hurt too much.  Of course, my heart just broke for him.  It was probably a good thing that things went down the way that they did as it helped Cris and I better prepare Shay for the appointment ahead.   We talked about the procedure and told him what an amazingly brave boy he is and just reinforced over and over again whatever he needed to hear.  It was a bit of a wake up call for me.  So much for a little four year old to take in - and as per always, he took it all in stride.  Oh how he continues to inspire me!

We changed the routine up a little bit this time around to try to help calm Shay's anxieties.  We had Shay pick a toy for being brave prior to the appointment so that he could bring it along the day of.  We thought this may keep his mind occupied and hence make him worry less.  He chose a big log truck and it seemed to have done the trick.  Shay was much more focused on getting his log truck then he was on the pain he would to endure to get it.  As you can see in the picture below, he was pretty chuffed with his new fleet :)

We did get some fantastic news today at Shay's appointment.  Dr. Kim did an ultrasound on Shay's legs to take a closer look at his muscles.  Usually at this age, the muscles start deteriorating because they are not being used - instead the tone is the stabilizer.  To Dr. Kim's surprise, Shay has big muscles in his legs - a huge reinforcement for us that all of the efforts and driving that goes into PT appointments are soooo worth it.  We were beyond thrilled to say the least!!!