Day 53 - The Lokomat

Yesterday was a pretty cool day for Shay and I.  We were invited to be involved in a training session at Bloorview Hospital for the Lokomat Treadmill which is a 500,000 piece of equipment.  An amazingly inspirational foundation called Three to Be (for more info click here) raised enough money this year to purchase a Lokomat for Holland Bloorview to research the benefits of use for children with neurological mobility impairments.  Unfortunately, we are not able to be in the study as we are not affiliated with Bloorview - but it was exciting to at least have a chance to give this incredible piece of equipment a shot.  As per usual, Shay was pretty incredible.  The equipment and cameras were pretty intimidating, as was the fifteen plus people being trained in the room.

I have some really cool video footage but the file is too large to download onto the blog.  I will get my IT guy on it :) 

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