Day 46 - Hopefully a solution to sleepless nights...

Shay has had a number of sleepless nights lately.  Last night, he was up from 2am to 5 am.  His legs are  starting to get really tight and his tone is starting to kick in more and more even in his sleep.  I think that his tone is twitching him awake sometimes.  It also does not help that he is congested and has a bad cough.  Poor little man!!!

When Shay wakes up, he takes it upon himself to climb up the stairs to let Cris and I know that he is up.  Hence keeping us up too.  Today I found a perfect solution - the Gro Clock.  The Gro-clock uses fun images of the stars and sun to communicate when to go back to sleep and when it's time to get up.  It is set to be a blue background and a star - when it is nighttime and Shay and Ciaran should be sleeping.  In the mornings, when the clock turns yellow and they see the sun - it is their cue that it is time to get up to enjoy the day.

It is a brillant idea!!!  The question is - will it work for the boys???  Shay clearly understood the concept tonight - I guess time will literally tell if the clock is a hit or a miss.  Wish us luck!!!

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