Day 41 - A visit with Ovo

Today Rowan and I went to Toronto Grace Hospital to visit Cris' Dad who is palliative care there.  Rowan and his Ovo spent nearly an hour of quality time together.  For a whole hour, Rowan sat in his Ovo's embrace and smiled at him, danced for him, hugged him, rubbed his leg, and snacked while his Ovo took a few cat naps.  It was a pretty incredible experience really - Rowan does not usually sit still and today he did for the entire visit.  He was calm and attentive almost as if he knew his Ovo was sick and his time with him was very important. 

I am so glad that I had a chance to go and visit today.  With all the bugs in our house, I have not seen Cris' Dad since Christmas.  Fortunately Cris has been able to go and visit him a couple of times a week and brings one of the boys down to visit on weekends.  Ciaran is obsessed with his Ovo.  He can ask over 100 times in a day about his Ovo - it is very endearing.

Ovo absolutely adores his five grandchildren.  When Ciaran and Shay were young, he would steal them off to another room so he could play and laugh with them.  Watching Ovo with any of his grandchildren always warms my heart. 

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