Giving it another shot...Mission 365

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a peaceful and relaxing holiday season.  I am going into the New Year with so many resolutions - I am desperate to set up systems at home to try to keep our family more organized, I am hoping to cut back on being on the run constantly with the boys day in and day out, I am hoping to dedicate more time to "me" by geting back into shape, I intend to start living within my means by operating on a cash only budget, and finally I am going to attempt to be successful this time with Mission 365 - doing a blog post daily for the next year.  I was inspired by my friend Jenny here in early Spring to start capturing daily moments on film.  I was doing pretty good until I accidentally dropped my camera - and it was basically out of commission.  Then we started looking for a new house, had to put our house up for sale, and the list is endless from there....

Talking about all my resolutions brings on a pang of today I will share a pic just outside our house of the first snowfall this brings me a sense of calm....and calm is good :)

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