Day 17 - Something has to give

I planned to do this blog post last night.  A post on how busy it is raising two sons with special needs.  I am not complaining - I am all over intervention because I see what a significant difference it is making in the lives of Ciaran and Shay.  This month we have a speech block, OT and PT block with ErinOak as well as horseback riding lessons, swimming lessons and our private PT sessions at Butterfly.  Our calendar is completely packed and it is starting to take it's toll.  Rowan is a dream - always has been.  Lately he has not been eating very well or napping very much because he is running around with me and is completely over tired.  Last night - I was brainstorming what we could do to slow things down as I am exhausted - can only imagine how the kids feel.  This morning Ciaran had a seizure - point taken - something definitely has to give - we just have to figure out what.