Motivation = Thomas PJs


What motivates you to do something?  Its an interesting question and one that we are always trying to understand as it relates to Ciaran and his walking.  We feel he has many of the pieces required to walk and while we don't think he lacks the motivation to walk, we know that he will likely walk if he is motivated correctly.  So the other night while doing some practice walking I think we found the right motivation........Thomas PJs!  Yes, Ciaran is obsessed about Thomas and in particular his Thomas PJs.  So much so that he often asks to go to bed in the middle of the day so he can put them on.  The following is a video of Ciaran walking with the carrot that if he walks to me he can get his Thomas PJ bottoms :)  Lets just say that Ciaran has never walked so far, ever.  Enjoy!


In case you are wondering.... Ciaran took 19 steps and walked approx 17 feet all by himself.  Truly awesome!


A picture says a thousand words...

Last weekend, Nicole a good friend of mine gave us a motorized 4x4 for the boys to enjoy as her son Eric had outgrown it and he had decided that he wanted Ciaran and Shay to have it.  The boys were smitten the moment that they laid eyes on their newest form of transportation.  Shay was absolutely beaming all morning on it.  It was so cute when I walked around the block with him - everytime, we saw a male outside - Shay would stop quad - basically pose - and encourage who ever was outside to take a look at his new ride.  Man - boys can be funny!!!  Take a look at the joy....
Shay's first glimpse of his surprise

Can you see the pride??

Taking Ciaran for a ride

Ciaran's turn...

Shay could have ridden all day!!
Thank you so much Eric for being so thoughtful and thinking of us!!!  As always, it was so kind and thoughtful of you.  The boys already have gotten so much joy out of their new toy.  The perfect thing about the 4x4 is that is allows Ciaran and Shay to play in a way that their mobility issues do not interfere with having plain old good fun - what a gift - thank you!!! seriously???

My little man is growing up right before my eyes!!  Rowan is five and a half months now and is showing off new skills and milestones on a daily basis.  Currently, one of his favourite things is the IPad.  Believe it or not, he is able to manage some of the apps himself.  His current favourite is Sparkabilities for Babies.  He is a picture of him enjoying his "toy"

Words from the wise...

I was recently in Winners and came across this picture that I thought would be a perfect piece for the new house.  The message is a powerful reminder of words to live by.  I look forward to finding the perfect place for it in our new home...we get our new house October 14th - I am starting so get really excited!!!

5 months old

Rowan is five months old already and is growing and developing so quickly.  At five months, Rowan is rolling both ways, laughing, standing with support, creeping on the floor, trying to draw his knees up into a crawling position, is eating rice cereal, has found his voice and loves the sound of it and just adores being the center of attention.  He is such a source of joy in our lives!  Ciaran and Shay are loving Rowan more and more by the day.  Shay is very aware of Rowan's needs and is always trying to help him out when necessary....I so knew he would warm up!
Take One - Rolling Interfering with Picture Success :)

What a huge difference one month makes!!

Handsome little man :)


It's official....we are moving to Burlington.  Today we officially sold our house - we are about to embark on an exciting new chapter of our that we feel will so benefit all of our sons...drove by the house with my mom today - felt a sense of peace - I know we made the right decision for our little family.


Riley sent me this collage last night that she created of pictures that she has of Ciaran and Shay over the years.  It was so cool to have such a selection of pictures within one picture.  I am sure you would all agree that Riley did an amazing job with this!!!

Well she also did a great job at inspiring to get back on track with taking pictures and hopefully blogging again.  It has been hard not having my camera readily accessible to me.  It also has been so hectic the last few weeks dealing with house stuff - that I have had no time to even get on the computer, let alone blog.

I am hopeful that the house chapter is behind us.  We have conditionally sold our house as of Friday night - thank goodness!!!  Just need an inspection and financing to go through this week and we are good to go.  This is a huge load off! 

I am going to start taking lots more pics again and I am going to start working on sorting through the thousands of pictures I have taken over the years for the gallery wall for our new house.  Riley's  collage reminded me of how many amazing pics we have of the boys.  The gallery wall is a daunting job but an exciting one - I have had the frames now for two years sitting up in the spare room closet.  What a perfect time to start this project - I can't wait to put our mark on our new home in Burlington :)

Owner of my Heart

This is a picture of Shay at Physiotherapy - despite how hard it is - he always has fun and is smiling!  Our world would be such a better place if we all followed by his  example and faced our adversities in such a positive manner - you inspire me Shay on a daily basis!

Birthday Masterpiece

Ciaran and Shay had their 4th birthday party at 4Cats Art Studio a couple of weeks ago.  The party was a huge success.  All of the kids had an amazing time.  Below is the masterpiece that Ciaran, Shay and all of their friends created at the paint splatter party.  I love it and can't wait to find the perfect place for it in our new home.