Mission 365 - Day 56

Rowan is growing up way too quickly.  Here is the evidence from this past week....

Mission 365 - Day 55

Ciaran and Ebony
Shay and Oliver
Finally - we have some sun!!!  The past six Mondays have been wet, gray, dreary and miserable!!!  Today the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the boys had the opportunity to take Ebony and Oliver outside for a ride - Ciaran and Shay loved every minute of it!!!

Mission 365 - Day 54

Have I mentioned how much Ciaran LOVES being a big brother.  He takes this new role very seriously!  This morning he played the tickle tickle game with Rowan - he was rewarded with some great smiles!!!

Day 53 - Ciaran's next "steps" towards walking

As you all know, we have been working very hard at home, at daycare and at physiotherapy in our mission to get Ciaran walking independently.  At this point in time, it is his balance and his sense of confidence that is the real issue.  Today at PT, Ciaran tried using a walking cane for the first time.  So without any real 'traning' on how to use it, here is a video of Ciaran  in his physio session trying out the cane.  I think he looks pretty darn good for his first try!!!


Mission 365 - Day 51

Rowan had an ultrasound today.  He has an inguinal hernia which means that part of his intestine has slipped into his groin area.  It is pretty common in babies especially baby boys.  He does not seem too bothered by it at the moment which I am pleased about!  He should have it fixed in the next few months.  Shay had a hernia when he was a baby and we were very impressed with the doctor that performed the surgery on him.  We have requested that Rowan has the procedure done by the same specialist - which is reassuring to us as he was amazing!!!  From here, we wait for an appointment....hopefully, we won't have to wait too long!!

Mission 365 - Day 50

Ciaran and Shay's days are filled with appointments, school and more appointments.  Today we started at 8:00 am with a hearing appointment, left for preschool just after 9:00 am and then left preschool early to get the boys to their OT and PT  for 3:00 pm.  The boys were exhausted when we got home - on days like this I am reminded of the importance of giving the boys a break and just letting them be.

Mission 365 - Post 49

It is time for me to clear off my training bike and treadmill and attempt to get back into shape again.  Both have served as great spaces for storage.  Despite this good use of space on my behalf, I do know I can put these two things to much better use.  I am determined to get fit again - it's been a long time!  I know that I have a long road ahead of me...but I will get there, one day at a time...

Mission 365 - Day 49

Our house hunt continues.  This weekend we went to look at a few houses in Burlington as there is a school in Burlington that is well known for the amazing services they provide for children with special needs and we have heard the school is not only really inclusive, but too, the culture of the students is really accepting of the uniqueness of each and every child.   At the moment, schools are a major determining factor in where we are looking.  Anyways, we LOVED the neighbourhood in Burlington - definitely a possibility for us - just need to find a bungalow in that area.

We will be very sad to move from our current home and leave our neighbourhood as we are surrounded by so many quality people and so many children - unfortunately though, bungalows are scarce in the newer neighbourhoods - and we feel that a bungalow will best meet the needs of Ciaran and Shay.  I know in my heart that we are making the right decision - just keep your fingers crossed that the perfect house is out there for us!!!

Speaking of houses - the boys have been playing in their house a lot more now that we have taken it up from the basement.  Instead of using it as a house, Shay was poking his head out the window today pretending it was a drive through - and asking if I would like chicken nuggest and fries with that - yikes - not what a parent wants to hear - I think I better get on top of this one...

Mission 365 - Day 48

Today was probably one of the most normal days that we have had in the last four years.  Boys spent lots of the time in the backyard while we completed errands around the house/yard.  It is so awesome to have some nice weather again - Ciaran and Shay love playing outside!!!  Also made cupcakes with the boys today which they enjoyed eating for dinner.  Great day - great weekend :)

Mission 365 - Day 47

Well tonight was a monumental night in the Parreira-Sneyd household!!!  After 74 days, Shay initiated his first real interaction with his baby brother Rowan.  Before going to bed tonight, Shay told me that he had to give his baby brother a kiss goodnight...and I was determined to get it on camera... FINALLY :)

Mission 365 - Day 46

Here is a picture of Rowan and one of his favourite teddies 'Flattie'.  Flattie was given to Rowan from Bev.  It is an adorable bear she brought home from her homeland - Australia.  Flattie is a teddie bear made of 100% pure Australian sheepskin.  It is seriously too cute and Rowan already gets so much comfort from him. As you can see, Rowan already loves Flattie - thanks Bev :)

Mission 365 - Day 45

Every day Rowan is becoming more and more engaged.  Recently, he is catching on to the whole idea of cause and effect.  He loves sitting in his bouncy seat hitting the rattle which makes the music and lights go on - in response - we get some pretty good smiles :)

Mission 365 - Day 44

We went and visited our good friends Nick, Helen and their daughter Daniela this weekend.  The boys had a great time.  Nick and Helen just moved to a new home in Leaside - it is a beautiful home in a beautiful area - older homes surrounded by large lush trees - it was a reminder for me as to how much I long to live in an area with older trees - you really can't beat them!!

Day 365 - Day 43

I'm sorry - but I am reposting this picture for a second time.  They say a picture says a thousand words - this picture capsulizes the personalities of my three sons so perfectly!  Shay - a bit stand offish initially but cares a great deal - he just doesn't want anyone else to know it; Ciaran - a total people person - he is completely mesmerized by his little brother - he is caring, loving and wears his heart on his sleeve - there is no mysteries when it comes to Ciaran.  And then there is Rowan - this picture seriously cracks me up.  Look how tall and strong he is sitting there - almost as if he wants us to know that he can hold his own - and at already two months of age - I know this much is true :)

Mission 365 - Day 42

Today we had our family pictures done with Julie Johnston. I was really happy with the way the pictures turned out.  We had her do Ciaran and Shay's baby pictures three and a half years ago.  Her style and her set up has evolved quite a bit since then.  Here are a few of my favourite pictures taken today...


Mission 365 - Day 41

Brotherly love...Ciaran adores Baby Rowan!  It took him awhile to warm up to him - but now he can't get enough of him.  Shay - well he is a whole other story :)