Seriously - You are growing up way too fast!!!

I'm back!!!  I finally found my camera battery and I am getting back into the grove of things.  Have at least 30 posts that I want to write - I will get to them in due time....

Today Rowan turned nine months.  He is growing up way to quickly.  I love how Rowan has demanded a position in our family - he is nine months going on five.  Follows Ciaran and Shay everywhere and expects to belong - love his persistence.  Ciaran is in love with him - he is reaching a point where you can see his admiration and love for Rowan - in the past, it was clear he loved him but he always expressed his love by being pushy and aggressive (he does not know his strength)....

Rowan - we love you beyond words.  You amaze us daily and we are sooooo thankful you are in our life :)

Milestones in month eight:
- crawling on all fours
- six teeth within days of each other
- pulling to stand
- demanding to eat human food
- calls on his 'mamamamamamama
- adores his brothers
- is as happy as happy can be...

Life is good :)

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LeeAnn said...

What a ham! Love the pictures. Hope the move went well and you're settled in.