Riley sent me this collage last night that she created of pictures that she has of Ciaran and Shay over the years.  It was so cool to have such a selection of pictures within one picture.  I am sure you would all agree that Riley did an amazing job with this!!!

Well she also did a great job at inspiring to get back on track with taking pictures and hopefully blogging again.  It has been hard not having my camera readily accessible to me.  It also has been so hectic the last few weeks dealing with house stuff - that I have had no time to even get on the computer, let alone blog.

I am hopeful that the house chapter is behind us.  We have conditionally sold our house as of Friday night - thank goodness!!!  Just need an inspection and financing to go through this week and we are good to go.  This is a huge load off! 

I am going to start taking lots more pics again and I am going to start working on sorting through the thousands of pictures I have taken over the years for the gallery wall for our new house.  Riley's  collage reminded me of how many amazing pics we have of the boys.  The gallery wall is a daunting job but an exciting one - I have had the frames now for two years sitting up in the spare room closet.  What a perfect time to start this project - I can't wait to put our mark on our new home in Burlington :)

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LeeAnn Hall said...

That Riley is AMAZING! I love her collage.